Friday 19 February 2016

Evil Queen/Belle Inspired Dressing Table

I've never been one to spend too much on bedroom furniture, mainly because I would never have the money to do so.A few weeks ago I came across the company Dunelm, and while having a look at their dressing tables (I'm obsessed with them),I found one that I really liked.At the time, only two colour's were showing, and I was struggling on which one I should save up for.It was a further two weeks later, they got the black one back in stock, and I was 100% fixated on getting that one, because it gave off that evil queen vibe to it and the matte black would look perfect in my room.After doing really well with my goals with my therapist and expanding my blogging dreams, I decided to treat myself early to this dressing table out of my savings.

This was my first experience with Dunelm, and I was really excited counting down the days until it was delivered.I ordered on the 8th of Feb, and was contacted by the courier panther who arranged a delivery for the following week due to me living on the Isle Of Wight.It arrived yesterday(18th) with the two most loveliest delivery guys ever, who kindly carried it up my steep stairs for me, so all I had to do was unbox it.The box was huge, way bigger than what I was expecting, until it clicked that the table was fully assembled,so got unboxing right away with the help from my mum too.Upon removing all the packaging, it looked so much better in person than what the image provides on the website,Full of excitement and zero patience, I moved it into place while moving my cosmetics from my old table to the new one, adding my own touch to give it that extra Belle vibe.So here is what it looks like at the moment:
Originally I was going to have a fake red apple resting on the corner of the table, but whilst moving stuff around my bedroom, I had an idea by taking my valentines rose and cutting the stem short enough so it would fit in the hole at the top of the mirror.This makes it possible for the mirror to swivel and keeping the rose in place too.The mirror with the two drawers aren't attached to the table, so its possible to use your own mirror if you wanted to.I then applied all my main facial cosmetics on the left and the hair products on the right.The two drawers on either side of the table have reasonable amount of space, just enough to fit an iPhone 4S in for example.The main front draw has lot of space, with me putting my clean underwear on the left side, and my other lipsticks and makeup brushes on the other, with still enough space left over as well.It also comes with a little stool. which I was worrying that it would be way too low as the reviews picked up on this, but its just the right height for me.Also depending on how long you take doing your makeup or have hardly any bum like me, I'd recommend getting a cushion, because after about 10minutes your bum begins to ache.

So far I'm very impressed with this dressing table and I feel that my money was very well spent on it.At this moment I have zero complaints on it, nor do I feel like I'm going to add anything extra to it because I'm happy with the way it is.Its hard to see in the above image as I was using the camera at the time, but I have my ring light/camera stand to the left of it, then fits in perfectly between the legs of the table as well, making it a lot more easier for me.The current cost of this table is £169 plus £9.95 if you want it delivered to you or you have the collect in store option which is free.Considering it comes with everything and the quality is outstanding, I'd highly recommend this for your first dressing table or having an evil agenda like me.Links to this dressing table and other colours can be found below and more photo's shall be added soon :)  

White is currently out of stock.I'll provide the link once its available :) 

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