Thursday 14 January 2016

Superpeach: Sneak Peek

Psssst......Want a little sneak peek of one of the most gorgeous and sexy lingerie ever?I received this lovely box from Superpeach this morning, and while the un-boxing video is currently being edited, I was so excited when opening the box to find the most gorgeous lingerie inside, that I had to do a sneak peek on what is in store for you and how amazing these are.I was lucky enough to be sent 3pairs that I got to choose from their range, and they're so amazing it was hard to choose just the one to show you!So the pair I decided to show you is......
JENNIFER!These ones stood out to me the most because of the beautiful frilly design, with the two lovely white bows at the top making it so pretty, and of course red is one of my favourite colours.They are incredibly soft too and also sit perfect on my sticky out hips, leaving me feeling quite sexy, which believe me is a first for sure!They are priced at £9 which is an absolute bargain and after showing these off to some female friends of mine, I think they might be out of stock very soon so grab a pair while you still can!Its quite difficult to find underwear that is able to fit my curvy shaped figure and be able to sit just properly, whilst leaving me happy with the results, which these definitely achieve.

Another thing that I love about these is that the quality is so good for such a good price.Not only am I going to be purchasing other designs, I'm going to stock up on these too, so I can wear them even more!That's it for now for my little sneak peek and the rest are going to be posted soon alongside more pictures of the Jennifer knickers.I've provided the links below to these and to their website if you want to see what other designs they have :)
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