Saturday 5 December 2015

Amazing Illustration & Doctor Who News

I've been scouting on social media for ages, looking for someone who has not only got a great talent when it comes to illustrations, but that particular style that I was looking for.This week, I found my perfect illustrator on Instagram, falling in love with pretty much everything on their page and applied for the "Request to be drawn" queue on their profile.A few hours after that, I had received a message from the official account Doctor Who America, to feature one of my tweets that I made, and wanted to put it in a show that is coming out early 2016.I was unable to sleep that night, and I know some of you may think its sad as its only a comment, but I made it somehow in the show right?But anyway, I decided to scroll through that page again, and I found an image that they had done of someone running towards the Tardis, and instantly decided to see how much it would be to get an image done and to not wait in the queue.I've been quoted ridiculous prices in the past, but you never know if you don't ask.For this design it cost me $8 (£5.35 converted at the time) which is an absolute bargain and the clothes were based on an image (on my Instagram), and is done so very well,I'm so happy with this image.Below I've provided their social media accounts if your looking for someone who produces great images, listens to your needs and is a very lovely person too!Please note, the prices may change since the time I posted this.


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