Monday 11 January 2016

Superpeach Lingerie Post Coming Soon!

Being a hair product junkie and a gamer were the main two things that would come to mind when I would go about shopping, but I never realised until it was brought to my attention that another thing that I'm quite addicted to is Lingerie.Being big busted with a small waist, its hard to find bras that not only stock in my size, but are also able to hold them up.Eventually I found a brand that suited my bra needs which is Ann Summers who not only have beautiful and sexy designs, they are reasonably priced too and last a very long time.I'm also a huge fan of panties (knickers, briefs etc), and I do love getting matching underwear but its not essential for me.Before getting into modelling I was always recommended to do lingerie/erotic shoots, but for me that was something just for my partner to see at the time.I done a test shoot for pictures only my boyfriend at the time could see (until one of the photographers accidentally put them on facebook), it just wasn't my thing because the photo's were too raunchy.The less naughty ones I actually liked but didn't put them online due to personal reasons.This has always been a rule for me, that if its not like erotic and its just basically showing the underwear, then I don't have an issue with it.

My next post will be an exclusive one for Superpeach, focusing on there underwear which I cannot wait to share with you.This will also be the first time I've ever shared photo's wearing underwear, which I even kind of stuggled posting the one above, yet I'm still excited about this.I'm wanting to focus this on what Superpeach has to offer (which by the way is amazing), and how unique they are.Again these photo's are not going to be of extreme or if any sexual nature, but overall its just sharing my love again for lingerie.Full post is now available here

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