Thursday 12 November 2015

Fallout 4- First Impressions on Xbox One

(This post is not a review)So besides beauty related stuff, video games has always been my number one interest, dating way back since I was 3.Since tuesday, I've been spending all of my time playing Bethesda's most anticipated game, Fallout 4.I avoided  gameplay video's as much as I could,not wanting to spoil anything for myself and only focused on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L videos, causing the wait to feel so much longer, however the wait was so very worth it.

Normally I would purchase the Fallout games for the PC, but decided to see how well it would manage on the Xbox One and I am not disappointed.Firstly I wanted to start on the graphics as some people have complained that the graphics aren't as sharp as the PC, which makes sense, because sometimes the PC version is more superior compared to the consoles graphics, however I have no issue with the console graphics.

Now this game is absolutely massive, to the point where I enjoy running around everywhere instead of fast travelling.Each hour/day is different from the one before, which makes it more enjoyable in my opinion because you never know what round the corner.One of the encounters I had within my first hour of this game, was that I could see a house in the far distance with some people outside.I thought "yaay!I've found some people!" and sprinted over to them to start a conversation.Next thing I knew, they'd all turned to look at me, then proceeded to charge in my direction...Yep I'd ran into some ghouls with a low ammo'd gun and a dog.No way did I survive that.Since then I've been very cautious when seeing human like folk outside the house, even though they are not that difficult to kill, I still don't like pissing them off.

Another one of my favourites is the way you can interact with others, which I thought i'd hate due to past experience's with games I hated the options to progress the conversation.Fallout has that witty yet interesting choice's you can choose with other characters, making that person have an actual opinion on you.I also love the choice that you can be a sarcastic bitch, but this can land you in trouble sometimes so be wary.Cogsworth is my favourite in this, listening to his random comments while exploring.He's also a saucy little fucker every time you bend over/crouch, and was worried that he was gonna stick one of his metal arms somewhere, so I let him try on someone else (photo below). Strangly though, I'm quite protective over him when it comes to fighting, as he's always sacrificing his metal ass for me to get away or to be cannon fodder while I shoot the crap out of everything else, and yes that sounds all useful but I don't want him to get hurt even though he feels no pain "apparently".

(Spoiler) So far I've only experienced one bug, and thats with Preston.After killing the Deathclaw, and you choose to follow them to the sanctuary, there will be a time when you come across a car and Preston decides he wants to be a ghost and attempts to walk through it.I made the two mistakes of trying to move him and talking to him hoping he would spawn on the other side, instead he vanishes into thin air and you can't move on without him, even if you fast travel.You either have to reload a save or wait for him to actually move around the car, and that can depend on how long he decides he doesn't want to be a ghost and actually moves around the car.Other than that no other negatives and it was well worth the money for this game :)

This post will be updated with more Fallout 4 images over the next couple of days, as I've been too focused on quests than taking screenshots of the game.Their will be various screenshots throughout the game which maybe spoilers for some.The quality isn't as good as I had reduce the image size for it to fit on the page and not overlap.Also if its not obvious already, Paladin Danse is one of my favourites :)


  1. I can't believe I missed out on this! I don't know if I should revisit this because I liked Fallout 3 so much or if I should just go 76 since this was years ago. Good call out on the glitch, i'm sure the developers would've appreciated it. Cogsworth... ROFL

  2. Normally I would purchase the Fallout games for the PC, but decided to see how well it would manage on the Xbox One and I am not disappointed.