Saturday 12 September 2015

Little Curlies: You are Beautiful!

This post is for you, to all the little curlies out there who may not understand how amazing your hair is.Have you ever felt like your curls aren't enough and you wished so hard that you had different hair?I know exactly how you feel, so much so, I ended up ruining my curls and although I was happy for a while, I then became sad because I missed my curls.Each one of your curls on your head is unique, which means none of them are the same although they may show a similarity.Take a moment and look in the mirror at your curls.Are some bigger than the others?Longer or shorter too?Or maybe some frizz?They're your curls and there unique just like you.So the next time someone at school, park or wherever you may go, and someone may say something mean about your curls, smile and remember to tell them this: "My hair is beautiful, each curl is different and unique, and I love them".To find out how to get your photo on here too, let your parents read below on how :) 

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to all the parents who gave me permission to share these lovely photo's of your children.I would like to continue encouraging young children to love there curls as I know it can be hard for them to learn too.If you'd like your child to be a part of this positive change showing how amazing there curls are and them rocking them, please send me an email at: If your not comfortable having your children's photo's posted publicly that's fine, feel free to share this post with them and others to encourage them to love there hair.Anyone questions please feel free to email them over too :)

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