Friday 5 June 2015

Healthy Straight Hair & Length/Trim Check Update

Every 3-5months I straighten my hair for a length check and a trim, which I look forward to each time because the split ends reduce and there's always growth.When I straightened it in January, I had to still trim quite a lot of split ends and it just didn't look healthy at all (even got a filter on it which didn't work).Not being happy with the results,I started looking for something to improve my hair and also stimulate growth.

Finally after getting some motivation to straighten it since the crazy hair growth I got with my curls, I wanted to see if there was much of an improvement with my hair straight.It took me 2hours of spraying, combing and gliding the straighteners through )which is a very long time compared to my usual 45mins to 1hour), these are the results that I achieved from all of that:
Huge improvement when it comes to how healthy it looks and feels also!.This time round there was hardly any split ends and the length has improved also, especially when it comes to volume which all of my hair couldn't even fit in (stupid iphone), but as my face shows in the picture, I'm really happy with the results, and cannot wait until I'm next due for a length check

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Shanise          x

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