Tuesday 10 October 2017

LA Splash UD Wing Eyeliner Review & Swatches

LA Splash have recently released their new UD Wing Eyeliners, which is part of their Ultra Defined range.They were very kind enough to send me these in exchange for a review.This is not a paid/sponsored post and doesn't contain any affiliate links either.I've been a massive fan of LA Splash for a very long time, mostly favouring there liquid lipsticks, so being able to work with one of my favourite brands was truly exciting for me.

I actually had no clue they released new eyeliners, until I opened the PR box.What also fits perfectly with this, is that I've recently just started to practice eyeliner again so being able to try these was so exciting.The rose gold packaging was instantly a favourite of mine, because its already pretty obvious if you've read my other posts, that I'm obsessed with anything rose gold related.I also fell in love with the black sphere packaging that the eyeliner comes in as well, because its matte and I just love how its designed like the UD cream foundation too.
Top Left To Right: Saint, Enchantress and Nymph
Bottom Left To Right: Warlock, Medusa and Sinner
Each one comes with a seal with a little tab for you to be able to lift off and dip your brush in.I found it quite difficult to remove the seal without it getting a little bit messy, which you can see on Enchantress, Nymph and Warlock.The other three I decided to take the product directly from the seal which made it a lot more easier.I feel once I've used a certain amount, there won't be an issue with the product sticking to the seal every time you go to use it.

I've tried a lot of eyeliners in the past that were described as a "mousse" but none of them really were.This formula is pretty much the closest thing to a mousse like texture, but its more on the thicker side, hence the reason it kept sticking to the seal.When I applied it to the brush, it felt like I was applying an acrylic paint onto my skin, but without it drying my skin out.Its also described as waterproof, noting that it will stay put in situations like a first date, mountain climbing, swimming or gaming.I'll be completely honest...there is no way in hell that I would even attempt eyeliner for a first date with someone, because no doubt I would completely mess up my makeup and my nervous shaking hand wouldn't help either.

I decided to see if these were "Waterproof" as advertised, which you can see me demonstrating below:
I might of gone a bit overboard with the water, but I really wanted to test to see how well it worked with water and to see if it was in fact waterproof.All of them were super easy to apply and I only dipped my brush in once for each swatch.Its recommended to allow 3-5minutes to dry, which I think is a reasonable time as the formula is quite thick.

I applied the eyeliner with the Duo Sculpt & Fluff brush that I was also kindly sent from LA Splash, which is designed to apply liquid and powder based products.I remember looking at the brush thinking "I'm so going to mess this up"
I'll hold my hands up, the eyeshadow looks terrible only because I actually put the eyeshadow on after applying the eyeliner.I was worried so much that I would mess up the eyeliner, I went straight in with that first, however applying the eyeliner was super easy.I normally go in with a thin line and build it up, but I just went straight in with a full thick wing.You have to work pretty fast with it, because although it takes 3-5minutes to fully dry and set, it starts to dry after 30seconds from applying.As for the brush, its really easy to remove with a makeup remover or a wet wipe.

To remove the eyeliners, I use my trusty Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.It breaks down the formula really well and you're not left there swiping over your eye numerous times to get it off.LA Splash also have there own makeup remover, which is called the Vanishing Potion.I have heard very positive things about it, but I'm unable to comment on it myself as I've never tried it.

These are currently only available from LA Splash directly for $16 (around £11-£12 each), but I'm sure Beauty Bay will stock them in the future.I will update this post once they become available to purchase within the UK.

Let me know if you're thinking of getting your hands on any and which colours are you favourite :)


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