Friday 3 March 2017

Mirina Collections Tried To SCAM Me Again! March 2017

This is going to probably be another super long post, but as long as it warns girls about this brand, then its 100% worth it.So as the title suggests with the word "again' this isn't the first time Mirina Collections have tried to scam me, but this time round, they went to stupid efforts to try and fool me.My first experience with them was back in January 2016 with a follow up post with more evidence in March 2016 (A year today!).To give a quick briefing of what happened, they contacted me via my instagram to become a Mirinagirl and offered me to choose a necklace that deducts $100 off with a code.After doing some research on there website, I noticed nearly all of the designs are from China, selling between £3-£4, whereas Mirina were charging £100 (for example) for the exact same design.They have blocked me once again, clearly worried that I've caught them out again, so of course I went ahead with a blog post to warn other girls.

Last year on the 3rd of November, I was contacted by Mirina Collections via email after they came across my review/blog post, hoping to make amends.Apparently they were purchased by a department store in August 2016, and they no longer had the old management team that treated me so badly.Although this seemed very nice of them to reach out to me if they "did" indeed change there ways, I was still cautious about them.Below are the first 3 emails between myself and Mirina Collections:

$300 sounded way too good to be true and I actually thought it was really generous of them, so I picked out a famous necklace and sunglasses of my choice to me added to the box.At this stage, Ashley who was part of the blogger relations was very prompt to my emails and was very apologetic for the way that I was treated.A part of me felt reassured, but I knew that I had to be careful just in case they were up to there old tricks again.
This is the box that it came in and I was actually impressed that they sent such a lovely box with a note attached to it as well.Upon opening the box, I found all of the items that were agreed on in the email, however none of them felt or looked like the quality you'd expect them to charge.One of the necklaces I recognised straight away was one that I had purchased last year from a China base website, so again alarm bells were ringing.I posted a picture on my Instagram confirming the change with them and that I'd be reviewing them again to see if they had changed.A few girls commented back then to tell me that they haven't changed at all and that I was practically promoting them again, which was not true.I received another email from them on the 8th December 2016 for a follow up and if I was able to write a review on the new collection.My response to them is provided below:
I haven't got a response since then, despite me telling them that I have a necklace that is the same design and quality.So yes back to the necklace in question that I mentioned in my last email:
I posted this picture on the 1st March 2017 that cost me only £4 from a China based website, however Mirina Collections gave me the exact same necklace.This necklace is currently retailing for $134 (around £108) on there website.Since I made this picture public with the caption provided below, they have since blocked me again on Instagram with still no response to my last email:

"⚠️GIRLS PLEASE READ⚠️I got a Mirina Collections box with a bunch of lovely products a few months ago to make up the way I was scammed by the owners before.Unfortunately it's pretty much negative and I hate doing posts like this, but I always do my research first and communicate with the brand if something seems up. 
Firstly this necklace is gorgeous and the other pieces are very pretty too.Normally I'm not a fan of choker necklaces with a long chain, because it gets lost in my boobs đŸ˜‚ but even people that may not have them as big as mine, it will look lovely on you even more.The quality of the necklace and the other pieces are really good HOWEVER, they do NOT reflect the prices (in my opinion) of what Mirina Collections charge.

I have been researching for the past couple of months on this brand after I got an email from them telling me that they've had a change of ownership.This necklace for example retails for $134 (£108), but after I went on my favourite China based website, it was selling for $6 (£4) Everything is exactly the same and I'm wearing the £4 necklaces here to show how good the quality is! I have questioned this in the past and there reason still confuses me.I'm still waiting for a response from them since December and I find this quite shady.Please be careful girls when purchasing or being asked to promote there items.I hate doing posts like this because I would rather keep everything positive, but I'm all about being honest and I don't want another girl to be scammed like I was before.For bloggers that are aware of what they're doing yet you're still promoting them to your followers/fan base, you should be ashamed of yourselves.I've also disabled comments to protect users but you're welcome to DM me any questions or concerns" 

I don't know who owns the original picture or if it was a picture sent in by a customer, so thats something that I cannot comment on.The necklaces themselves however are identical yet the prices charged my Mirina Collections is abysmal.All of the items that they sent me, I have found on this website and they cost only around £2-£12, depending on the item and the seller.I have reported Mirina Collections and advise those that HAVE been scammed by them too (especially if you've paid for them and haven't received anything) to report them as well.A few of the girls have mentioned that they've been threatened with legal action as well by Mirina Collections, mainly due to just posting a warning on there social media accounts.Mirina Collections cannot actually do anything about this as its an honest straight forward review, with evidence on this blog post and my previous ones too.I'm still waiting for an email from them and the fact that they've blocked me on instagram again goes to show how shady they are.Please please please share this post with anyone that you may know that has been contacted by this brand, because I would hate to see another girl (especially young ones) be targeted by them and being out of pocket.Also if you see a blogger/influencer promoting them, please make them aware instead of having a go, as some bloggers really don't know whats going on, especially if they haven't researched them first.I apologise that this is a negative post, but I would rather help and stop another girl from being scammed, than stay quiet.

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