Monday 23 January 2017

Barry M Feature Length Mascara

Its always a pain on finding a new mascara when your favourite brand either stops selling it or they change the whole formula entirely.I usually purchase a mascara on a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug, spending between £8-£12 for just a mascara.I wasn't looking to spend too much this time, I just needed something that would give a nice natural look to my lashes and wasn't too expensive.Having a look on Superdrug and Boots, I came across this mascara, immediately attracted to the rose gold packaging.I'll admit I was slightly disappointed when I saw the make was by Barry M, because I hadn't purchased from them in at least 8years, as I always found there products low quality.It was retailed at £4.99, with a lot of positive reviews, and because I couldn't wait, I ended up ordering it on Amazon for next day delivery.

"Seperates and defines lashes for super star eyes!The flexible toothcomb brush bends, gently coating individual lashes with its decadently rich black formula.Work the brush, starting from the inner corner of the eye outwards.Perfect for achieving extra-long, luscious lashes defined from root to tip"

The packaging of this mascara is very pretty, and the rose gold packaging with the bold writing really makes it stand out.I love the pattern that is shown in the image at the top of the tube, and it goes all round,  making it look so unique .

The tube itself is fairly heavy, compared to other mascaras that I've owned, but I feel this is due to the packaging itself and the amount of product inside.When you take the brush out though, it is not heavy at all.
I know its not very hard to apply mascara, unless you suffer from a twitchy eye which I do when applying eyeshadow, but this applicator made it so easy to apply to my eyes without any issues.The brush bends really well, making it easy to apply to the inner corner and brushing from root to tip.Its extremely gentle on the eyelashes, not making them feel like I'm pulling on them at all, which a lot of mascaras tend to do.To achieve extra long lashes, I curved the wand whilst brushing through my lashes, making them look fuller and longer.You can't really smell it when taking it out of the tube or when applying it to the lashes, only when you actually go "full on nose sniff mode" like I did to let you know if it smells good or not.Its not tested on animals which is amazing and new to me, as I never knew this.
Being someone that tends to rub there eyes quite a bit when anxious, it hasn't smudged all day.You know when you've been wearing mascara for 1-2hours where its dried and it feels quite hard?This mascara hasn't done that.Obviously its dried but it hasn't left my eyelashes with a hard and crusty feeling.My eyelashes weren't left with that spider look and didn't leave my lashes stuck to each other either.

I'm really happy that I picked up this mascara and its amazing that it only costs £4.99.This has also made me want to purchase more Barry M products as it seems that they've really changed the quality of there products, since from when I used them all them years ago.Superdrug don't currently stock this mascara, but you can purchase it from Amazon, Boots or directly from Barry M :) 

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