Friday 16 December 2016

Cover | FX: Total Cover Cream Foundation

I've always struggled to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, especially since I started to wear it around the age of 15-16.6 years from that, I would still struggle to find a foundation shade that not only suited me, but also finding one that had a finish that I liked.I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with BeautyBay, who are an online retailer that stock over 10,000 products that include makeup, skincare, haircare and many other cosmetics too and to review Cover Fx's Total Cream Foundation.I've purchased from BeautyBay many times before, and every experience has been positive.

Being someone that collects and has some insight when it comes to makeup, Cover FX is quite a known brand when it comes to diversity.What I didn't realise is how much of a selection of foundation shades that they stock, so when I saw the list of the foundation shades in this range, I was pretty impressed.I live somewhere where you can't go in-store (without jumping on a ferry) to find out what shade I am, so I'm left with guessing my shade online which I've only ever guessed correctly twice out of the stack of foundations that I own.With Cover Fx's vast range of shades, with a list of undertones (which I'll go into in a sec), it really does make it easier to find your perfect match.
Each range has a letter in front of the shade, that represents the undertone for that foundation:

P- Pink Undertones
N- Neutral Undertones
G- Golden Undertones (The G+ shades are more warm and more olive)

My actual shade would of been G40, which is for medium skin with golden undertones, but as mentioned earlier I went 1 shade lighter.I got the shade G30, thats for light to medium with golden undertones.The chart made it extremely easy on finding my shade, especially as they had models with different skin tones and undertones which helped a lot.
The foundation is buildable, so you can apply as much as you want for your desired coverage.It states that its good for skin imperfections like acne, redness, dark under eyes for example, with the dark circles being a struggle for me.It also works as a 2 in 1 foundation and concealer, and normally I don't like products that do this, because it leaves my skin looking patchy, but this foundation leaves my skin looking natural.Its available in a total of 40 shades, being suitable for all skin types (including sensitive) and is free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Fragrance and Gluten.
At first glance of the shade G30, I thought it was going to be way too dark for me.It comes with a sponge that you can use to apply it with which I've tried, but I personally prefer to use my beauty blender.Its probably not obvious in the picture above, but when I first opened this foundation to look at the shade, I couldn't help but dab my finger in it.I was really intrigued by the texture and its so creamy and soft to touch, it can be applied using your fingers, but again I favour using my beauty blender.

Dabbing my beauty blender into the foundation until I was happy with enough product, I started dabbing the foundation around my face, mainly focusing on my under eyes where I tend to get dark circles.This is extremely light on the face, even if you go for the full coverage look,it makes my skin feel so soft and doesn't feel heavy at all
I wanted to try out two makeup looks with this foundation, one with a matte finish and the other with a radiant finish that this foundation leaves you with.I always opt for a matte look as its my favourite finish, but I was really intrigued to see on how well this foundation worked and how long it lasted.It lasted approximately 6-7hours, with it starting to break around the mouth area, which is wear foundation normally starts to crumble for me. 
I decided to go for a winter/fall burgundy for the second makeup look, and used the foundation as a base before I applied the eyeshadow.I used a damp beauty blender this time round to give my skin that extra radiance that this foundation provides and set it with the MAC Fix +.While writing this blog post at the time, this foundation has been on my face for a total of 8hours and with the foundation still being intact.Its not necessary to use the MAC Fix +, but its certainly made the foundation last longer.

I'm really impressed with this foundation, especially since I wrongly assumed that I wasn't going to like it.I think its great that Cover FX have a wide range of shades to choose from and how they've made it extremely easy to find our shades to purchase online.Its a foundation that is extremely easy to work with, whether you want to apply it with your fingers, brush or beauty blender, you will get flawless results every time.

This foundation is currently on sale for £24.50 and can be found here

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