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Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal Review

After using the Kérastase Discipline Mousse 6days ago, I couldn't help but purchase the rest of the range (excluding the Oléo Curl).This is the first time I've ever purchased more than one product from Kérastase, and with Look Fantastic currently having them on sale plus with an extra 10% with the code "KER10"AND you get a free L'Oréal mascara.I've done a breakdown on each one of these products with a lot of detail and also my experience with them too.Before I go into this I've provided a little bio below about my hair, so you can get a full understanding of my hair type and also how well they worked on it later on.

My curl type is a mixture of 3a/3b/3c curls, with the 3c being the most hardest out of the three to find products that moisturise them and being incredibly thick.Those curls tend to get the most dry out of the three, and with summer coming up, its important to have all of your curls moisturised without overdoing it.I'm also prone to even more frizz during the summer period too and it also makes detangling even more of an issue as well.From what I'm aware of I currently have no damaged ends since I no longer apply heat and no longer over do it when it comes to protein treatments.The issues I've mentioned above are what I'm looking to tackle with these products.Every product in this range contains these main ingredients to benefit the hair.Below I've done a breakdown of this for those that are interested, with the information provided from Kérastase themselves:

1.Pro Kératine- Makes the hair reinforced and stronger: 
  • Arginine, Serine, and Glutamic Acid are three amino acids that act to fill the hair structure where they are naturally present.They behave in pefect harmony with the fibre.They carry a positive charge and are attracted to so-called negative or fragile zones to fill them with matter.
  • A wheat protein derivative, carefully selected by L'Oréal Laboratories for its exceptional amino acid content, was added to the trio.This cationic protein provides a perfectly lustrous texture.
  • Ceramide R, moves gently between layers of scales to ensure perfect overall cohesion
2.Hydrolised Elastin- Torsion points are reinforced and the hair fibre is soft and bouncy
  • Hydrolised Elastin is an elliptic shaped protein that provides elasticity to biological structures.Its rich in amino acids that are naturally present in the hair.Its filmogenic properties help coat the fibre and enhance the curl's curvature.The curl gains definition as a homogenous spiral in perfect motion, thanks to regular torsion points.The torsion points are consolidated and show correct posture.
Kérastase Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal:

I was very confused when I didn't see a shampoo within this range, but when I researched about the cleansing conditioner, it really made sense as of why they removed this.Kérastase decided to do this move, mainly because that traditional shampoo's remove too much sebum, that is there to prevent the hair and skin from drying out.As for the ingredients for this shampoo, it doesn't contain any silicones or sulfates, which for me personally I don't mind having them in products, but it does help with me not having to use my other cleansing shampoo to remove any buildup

I'm in love with packaging as its always pretty and I'm happy that this conditioner(400ml) comes with a pump.It makes it so much easier for me to just press and get a lot of the product out, instead of usually turning the bottle upside down and shaking it.It recommends to apply between 4-6pumps, but I ended up using 8-9 mainly because I have a lot of hair and its fairly thick.Out of all of the conditioners I've used, this one is very different, with it being more of a cream that doesn't lather, yet still works very well.Whilst I left it on my hair between 2-3minutes, I couldn't believe on how lovely the scent is and how much it really is like that "salon" smell.Washing it out was extremely easy, leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean,moisturised and soft.Great start!

Kérastase Discipline Masque Curl Idéal:
I've hardly ever heard a negative review when it comes to Kérastase's hair masques, so I was really excited when I got my hands on it.For its size (200ml), I was slightly worried because I have a lot of hair and normally go through 200ml tubs within 2-3weeks, and this stuff is not cheap!.After using the cleansing conditioner, I applied the above amount shown in the picture and distributed it evenly on the hair.Its fairly thick and is quite rich too, but it was very easy to spread across the hair and I didn't need a lot at all.
While I left it on my hair for 5minutes, I decided to take a photo of what my looked like and you can already see that my curls are taking shape and are very shiny too.I actually wanted to leave the masque in, because my hair had pretty much soaked it all up and it doesn't look like I have any in at all.I normally wear a silk cap when I apply hair masques, so the hair gets more moisture, but I was very impressed with how well this worked without it.This also has the same scent as the cleansing conditioner but isn't as strong and doesn't linger as much either.Washing it out again was extremely easy. not having to go over the same part numerous times and left my hair even more soft.

The only negative that I can say for this, and it hasn't to do with the product itself on the way it worked, its the amount you get for the price.Even though I only used a little amount that still worked great for my hair, I'm really not feeling the price tag.I got this on sale for £19.58 with the RRP being £29 for a 200ml tub.With it being on sale, I don't mind it that much, but for the full price there is no way I would pay that.It does work amazingly, there is no doubt about that, but that price is way too much for me personally.

Kérastase Discipline Mousse Curl Idéal:

This was the first product I got 6days ago that I purchased that made me want to get everything else.When I used it for the first time, the results weren't anything special and I added some Bounce Curl to give my hair some extra definition.Now that I have used the conditioner and the masque in order, I was excited to see on how well it was going to work this time round.I also had an issue with the nozzle when I first used it too, so I decided to contact Kérastase (who are lovely by the way)who told me I wasn't using it correctly and that instead of having it on an angle, it should be fully upside down when pressing down.This completely made sense to me afterwards and the fact they fill up the whole bottle with the product, you are getting what exactly what you paid for.
Using it fully upside down this time, not as much excess product came out of the nozzle, so its pretty much trial and error at this stage until I get it right.First time using this, I was worried it was going to leave my hair sticky (which it didn't), but since having to apply the conditioner and masque, I was so sure it was going to leave my hair sticky.I focused mainly on the parts of my hair that are prone to frizz and to define my curls as they were already moisturised thanks to the masque.It does feel like its going to make your hair sticky at first, because your hands feel quite sticky, but after massaging it in, your left with bouncy curls.This is no joke, even though I have got great definition with other products, not one has left it with that "bouncy" effect until now.The mousse works perfectly alongside the two other products, and if that means that I'll have to do the routine every time or just use a little bit as a leave in, I'll still do it!My hair is left soft, moisturised, shiny and my favourite of all: Bounce!At this moment, I don't feel the need to track down the oleo curl cream in this range, because these 3 work so well for my curl type.

This is what my hair looked like 45minutes after applying the mousse, and even though I've touched it so many times, there is no frizz!The bottom left is looking a bit crazy because I had to reach my left arm around to my back to take the picture.I would always struggle with the back of my hair when it came to definition and would always be the first part to instantly frizz within 5-10minutes.I cannot believe the shine either, it just looks ridiculously healthy!

Kérastase really do live up to the hype and I'm so happy that they've released a range for us curlies to get our hands on.I feel that these products will last for a very long time, because you only need a little amount that clearly goes a very long way.When it comes to repurchasing them, I'm definitely going to be getting the cleansing conditioner and the mousse, but I'm still unsure on the masque only because of the price.Today was the first time of trying them though, so when it becomes an actual hair routine, it probably will become one of my staple products.The best place I've found to get these for offers and really fast delivery is Look Fantastic.I'd also recommend signing up to there email newsletters as well, because you can get exclusive discounts and offers only through this.Hope you liked this review and let me know how you got on if you decided to purchase these :)

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