Tuesday 24 May 2016

Sugarbearhair Vitamins: First Week

Its been a week today since I started taking Sugarbearhair vitamins, and I promised I'll let you know how I got on, good and bad.Even though its been only a week, new hair growth has been growing mainly on my edges and hairline which you can faintly see in the image above.This is kind of huge for me, because about 6-7years ago when I last  got my hair relaxed, it went completely wrong, from my fringe breaking off, my hairline and edges falling off, leaving me with a very sensitive scalp and damaged hair.This is probably explains again why my forehead is so huge!But anyway back to the main reason, is that yes, this really does help with hair growth.I'm not due to do straighten my hair for a length check until the end of the month, because its hard to see hair growth when your curls are affected by shrinkage.Thats not the only benefit though that I've received from these vitamins.My hair is even softer than usual, reduced breakage and has more shine to it.I haven't had any breakouts, which I know a few users have reported since taking these, and I don't drink a lot to keep hydrated to reduce this, so it maybe just down to us individually.

As for the negatives, I have none at this current stage and I'm very happy with the results I've got so far.I'm always looking forward to taking these too as they taste amazing and really do taste like sweets!I take two a day as recommended on the bottle, with taking one in the morning, and one an hour before I go to sleep.I'll be back with a end of the month review to let you know how I got on, and with the results I have so far, it looks really promising!

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