Tuesday 31 March 2015

Spring Is Here & More News!

Woohoo!I know I'm a bit late on the "Spring" date, but I've been so distracted with everything I kinda forgot to keep this page updated!Finally we have warm weather here in the UK and you know what that means?Stocking up on hair and skin products, to get the most out of this weather while it lasts!I've already started this and also getting my summer clothes out because I am seriously excited!

Anyway for the good news!I'm currently in a few talks with some hair brands over here in the UK for doing some product reviews for them.Now I can't say who yet because everything is still getting talked about and arrangements are being made of what and who I'll be doing this for, but I wanted to let you know now before hand, in case I threw a "SURPRISE GUYS!".
Items: Kelly Brook Longline Bra & Korean Lace Shorts

I've also purchased myself a new camera which will not only benefit myself for my blog writing, but also help you guys be able to see things more clearly, like the ingredient lists for example as I know not everyone is keen on Silicones, but recently I have started to love them which I will be explaining why very soon!

I have also received a few emails on me doing a Q&A which I will be uploading on the 7th of April and all the questions that are asked up until the 28th of that month will posted onto the next months Q&A post. Some maybe repeated if my hair routine for example changes, but it will have it all there for you to follow :)
Until then send me some more questions to xshanisemorgan@gmail.com and looking forward to reading them :)



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