Thursday 26 February 2015

This is my journey to help you love your curls

About Me:

Name: Shanise Morgan
Age: 23
Location: United Kingdom
Ethnic: English/British, Italian and Jamaican

Hello!I've started this blog to encourage those to feel confident with there natural curls and offer advice if needed.

My Hair Story:
In my early childhood I didn't know much about my hair apart from that I had a lot of it and didn't mind it.When I hit secondary school I was bullied and my hair was one of the main targets of this. I started using heat on my hair, in an attempt to stop the bullying, yet I was still being bullied and the school wouldn't do anything about it.

When I started college I learned things about weaves and relaxers, and ended up going down the relaxer route.First time using it, it didn't do anything to my curls so I used a stronger relaxer, which ended up breaking off my fringe. The third time I done it was the last straw, because I ended up getting it done at a hairdressers which the chemicals started to burn my scalp. I continued using my straighteners for a further 3 years with my fringe slowly growing back but my hair would fall out, feel dry, zero growth and was prone to split ends.

After moving house in 2012, I found a page on facebook called Curl Crush which helped me find products that were more suitable for my Afro Caribbean hair.After making a few friends on that page, I decided to go heat free.I only straighten my hair once every 3-5months for a length check and a trim.This improved dramatically with my old ear length hair to now half way down my back (without shrinkage,yep the shrinkage is real!)

I noticed people kept commenting on my hair more, and my photos were being posted on social networking sites and this made me feel so happy that people appreciated my hair and tips , but I was also determined to help others that are struggling.I got the confidence to start making youtube videos and posting to this blog, and the best news was making my first step of becoming a Curly Ambassador for Curls Understood! Helping other Curly haired men and woman in any possible way that I can is a huge passion of mine, and especially helping young kids or even parents who may not be sure what to use on there child's curly hair.

I hope that story gives you some insight of where I started, what I've been through and where I'm going forward now.I hope you find my blog useful and beneficial, and do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via the details below, and remember, Keep Smiling! :)


Curls Understood

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  1. There are ways of taking advantage of this monstrous crowd with large advertisement spend, but I will zero in on more financially savvy "natural" strategies.