Sunday 7 July 2024

Nature Spell Vitamin C & Pineapple SPF50+ Face Fluid

I've been a fan of Nature Spell products ever since purchasing their Rosemary Oil back in 2023. I discovered the brand on Tik Tok and have been a fan of their releases ever since. Nature Spell have FINALLY released an SPF product and I added it so fast to my cart (along with their Shimmer Oil), I could not wait to use it.

(*Disclaimer: No ads or affiliate links on this post. I purchased this with my own money)

Before delving further into the review and adding all of the amazing deets about this product, I wanted to give a little insight about my skin type and troubles. I have combination skin, with dry areas present everywhere apart from my forehead which is oily. Due to having a lot of hormonal changes in the past few years, I've been left with a lot of hyperpigmentation as a result from acne.

Important Product Info:
- Provides skin with broad spectrum SPF protection for healthy, glowing skin
- Protects, plumps and firms skin while delivering long lasting hydration
- Contains Vitamin C, Pineapple and Japanese Wakame (Seaweed)
- Ideal for daily use
- Water and perspiration resistant
- Supports healthy collagen for a smoother-looking complexion
- Brightening and Dewy Glow
- SPF 50
-All skin types

I've been using this product for about a week now and so far I've had positive results from it. One of the main concerns for me when it comes to spf, was that it was going to leave a white cast on my face. Since we're now in the warmer and sunnier season, my skin tone transitions from light-medium to medium-tan, making a white cast more noticeable. I'm happy to say and show with the photos below that this spf does NOT do that. It is a little bit thick but its easily absorbed into the skin leaving a beautiful glowy finish. 
The scent is very minimal, I had to sniff so hard to smell this product and it only slighty smells like orange which is gone after about 10seconds of applying. Its great to wear on its own or you can wear it as a base for foundation. My personal favourites at the moment is doing my brows and applying some blusher after the spf or applying the Elf Coconut Dewy setting mist for that extra dewiness for my skin.
Its also become a staple product for when I need to run errands for the day and head to the gym afterwards. My skin is left super hydrated and my makeup sits perfect throughtout the entire day.
Lastly, the negatives about this product or in this case, the negative. I'm personally not a fan of the pump because the cream either dribbles from the nozzle not matter how gentle you press down and if you're not fast enough, it slips into the barrel. At the moment its not much of an issue because its brand new, but the longer it keeps happening this will result in product loss and the packaging getting messy. I feel that a different nozzle or packaging such as a small tub would be more effective but again that is my personal preference.

Overall. I'm very impressed with this product and will be continuing to use it. Compared to many other spfs that I have tried, including one I purchased previously for £19.99, this producted priced at £8 offers superior benefits for my skin. This product is currently available only from Nature Spell or on their Tik Tok page.

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