Wednesday 18 May 2016

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins: New Journey & First Impressions For Curly Hair

I've been hearing so much hype about this Vitamins, and after a lot of thought and research, I decided to pick up a months supply.I grow roughly 1-3inches when I do a length check every 4-6months, which is done by straightening my hair to see the growth.This was mainly achieved for me when I was using Jamaican Black Castor Oil during this period, and although I got great hair growth from it, it ended up costing way too much to constantly repurchase and the effort of applying it constantly.Following from that, I decided to try take 500mcg of biotin from Holland & Barret to try, but unfortunately this didn't work for me when it came to hair growth.Below is an image of what I achieved with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil with 8weeks growth difference:
My vitamins arrived yesterday, that took 4working days to the UK instead of the 10day delivery time, which is pretty impressive.The month supply cost me £25 (including delivery) which I feel is a good price, considering I would spend £35-£40 on the Castor Oil.Unscrewing the seal, you can immediately smell the gummies and in a matter of seconds, I shoved one into my mouth.I have to agree with the majority of people, that these taste absolutely amazing and taste like berries.They're just like eating a bag of sweets but of course you're only limited to two a day.There is zero bad aftertaste at all, just the lovely taste of berries.I'm going to be taking these separately with one in the morning and one before I go to sleep, because I actually look forward to taking these.WEEK UPDATE HERE

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