Lee Stafford Hair Growth & Breaking Hair Treatment

I'm Back with Brand New Products!

Hey everyone!It's nearly been two months since I last posted anything, due to the fact I've got a new job and I've been extremely busy handling my hair!My hair hasn't been too bad, Tresemme has been looking after it, but the only change I've made is that I only shampoo once a week and the rest is just co washing which has done wonders for my hair!The crazy thing is, I went to dye my hair a dark blonde and it turned out ginger!(don't worry you'll see this photo later on haha)This is what my hair looked like last week just before work :)
Frizzless and Shiny Hair :)

So if your like me wanting to grow longer hair/sorting out those split ends keep on reading, because I have new brand new products which have recently been put on the market and they work brilliantly!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment:

Lee Stafford products have recently been popping up in boots stores and I was a bit hesitant about them due to the pricing, so I done some research on them which seemed to be good reviews and luckily I got a boots gift card for my birthday, so I brought two of there products which I needed for my own use.If your hair is like mine, you know how long and difficult it is for hair to grow fast, and its a pain in the a** when you buy something and it doesn't work.I love the pink packaging and the product isn't to gloopy, it's very easy to apply to the hair also which is a plus :)

I've had this product roughly around a week and a half now, and I used this product with Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth conditioner.I'm not expecting a hair growth straight away, but I was very wrong.I ended up cutting parts of my hair because they were quite dead and there was one strand in particular that I had to cut close to my scalp. It's now been a week and a half, and its grown at least 3 inches already...WHAAAAT haha that was my reaction. My hair has also felt a lot softer which is really hard to achieve with my hair. So on the growth side yes it has worked, but it hasn't been on my hair long enough for it to show a crazy increase but I have high hopes for this product ^_^ The before photo is pretty much the black and white one above.

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment:

Another product that has me going absolutely crazy!I brought this a few days ago and I used it today just before writing this view. Below is a lion hair shot of my hair before using this product.

Ginger Hair!
The product comes in the exact same round pink tub and as you can see in the below image, it is a bit more thick than the hair growth, but not to worry, it's still easy to apply and massage into the hair. I focused on massaging it into roots and the ends of my hair as that's where the most damage was.

Also I didn't use Tresemme as I wanted to see what would happen without it so I just combined it with the hair growth.I left it on my hair for 5 minutes, washed it out then let it air dry. My hair feels extremely soft and it didn't tangle up at all.It's now been around 3 hours since washing this out of my hair and its still feeling soft. Its made my hair a lot more shiny and makes my hair colour stand out even more!It looks a bit fluffy below in the photo, but that's because it hasn't been combed.

I still got my curls since going natural which is a plus because most products end up stripping my natural curls and it just ends up being one great big matted knot which is not only hard to comb out, its not very nice to look at either!

So that's my small review on the two Lee Stafford Products. The cost for the Hair Growth is £7.99 and the Breaking Treatment is £10.99  You can also wait for the 3 for 2 offer at boots but if you can't wait that long it is definitely worth paying the full amount for them. I'll keep you updated on the hair growth, until then comment below on any questions or opinions you may have :)


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