Creme Of Nature Smooth & Shine Polisher

I've become a big fan of Creme Of Nature products in the last few months despite the various views on the ingredients they put in there products.There known to put silicone's and mineral oil in a few of there products which not everyone likes,but I've grown to love silicone's if used in the right way which I have explained in my Q&A which is here :) --------> Q&A

This product is clear and feels like a serum.It claims that it:

1.Protects against heat styling                     4. Smooths cuticle while protecting against heat
2.Smooths & eliminates frizz                       5.Creates silky smooth,frizz free finish
3.Seals in exotic shine                                   6.Provides nourishment and protection

This product does contain silicone's but I personally have not had an issue with them.As long as you have a deep cleansing shampoo to remove the build up caused by silicone's,the better your condition your hair will be in.

The directions for using this can either be on wet or dry hair, and can also be used as a heat protectant against heat styling tools.I think this is down to preference if you want to use this on wet or dry hair.They pretty much give the same result, but I prefer to use it on wet hair more as I use it as a part of my LOC method.

The serum itself is easy to apply on the hair, as it soaks in straight away and doesn't leave any stickiness or greasiness behind.I apply this serum to the parts of my hair where frizz normally happens or mostly where I end up touching my hair throughout the day which tends to get all static and frizzy.

The serum does what it says and leaves the hair frizz free,soft and definitely gives that shine finish.It also seals in the moisture leaving your curls moisterised all day.Another great product by Creme Of Nature.
Shanise         x

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