L'Orèal Paris Studio Line Straightening Spray

Want a good heat protectant for Curly hair?Read on...

I never used to be a fan of L'Orèal, reason being there hair products did nothing for my hair or it actually made it worse (boooooo). Being a product junkie I ended up getting there Extraordinary Oil range
which actually has done a lot of good for my hair, so they regained my faith in them.

When I used to straighten my hair, it never really worked, it would frizz up within a couple of hours and only last a day, which was why I ended up getting into the routine of doing it every single day (looooong)

Being the product junkie that I am, I purchased L'Orèal Studio Line Heat Protectant to straighten my hair and to also trim any ends that needed done.

This is what the bottle looks like and it only cost me £2.49 from Superdrug which is a bargain.It says on the bottle to apply to damp hair and blowdry/airdry for a smooth polished finish. I didn't do it that way because its a new product to me and I didn't want to spray to much onto my hair so while it was still damp,I detangled with the Wetbrush and waited for it to air dry.I then took small sections, sprayed on the root and the ends of my hair,glided my fingers through so it was distributed evenly and applied the 
hair straighteners.

My hair a year ago when straightened!

It took me roughly 45mins to finish it.30mins to get poker straight hair which I hate, because I look like a alien with it, so the extra 15mins
was to create waves and to kinda give it that "layered" look.

These are the results of my hair finished with Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil to give it that extra shine and moisture.My hair lasted this way for a week which is a great result especially for my type of hair. I only brushed it in the morning when I woke up and applied some oil to keep it nourished, no extra heat needed Hooray!Hair had a lot of volume too and my hair did not feel sticky what so ever.Well done L'Orèal!

Hope you enjoyed reading this L'Orèal blog and hope its helped you too!:) xx

Day 6 Hair with Roxi (she looks terrified bless)


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