Good Bra's for Big Boobs Part 1

I've always been a big busted girl, going through my teens with massive assets alongside my big body at the time.It was much easier back then to find bra's that would fit me, because I would just go for the typical plain white or black bra and leave it as that.Now that I've grown into the young lady that I am today, I'm all about the design, whilst also a bra that is able to hold them without the strap becoming loose and the price.So the first thing in an attempt to help me with this, was to get myself measured, because my size was constantly changing, body and boob shape wise.Being measured by 3 different brands, my varied sizes are 32DD, 32E, 34D and 34DD.The bra above was sent to me by Ann Summers which I won in a competition in a few weeks ago, and I done a brief post on what I thought of this bra.The eyelash design on this bra I completely love, except on the right side its been ruined due to my own fault, so I had to fold the remaining and stitch it down.The only thing I'm not liking much about it, is that the straps are beginning to get slightly loose, so when I go to reach over for something in the slightest, my boobs attempt to make an escape, which 9 times out of 10, they do, but other than that, I'd highly recommend this bra if your love lace, good price and can hold your boobs in place.The size I'm wearing is 34DD and can be purchased here

Curvy Kate Cranberry/Champagne Balconette Bra
This is my first bra I've owned from Curvy Kate, and I decided to give them a go because they mainly specialise in big cups and I've heard a lot of positive reviews about them.Whilst looking on Brastop, I came across this lace red bra, which is 100% my ideal bra ever.I had to take a guess at the size as a lot of people recommend going a size up from what you are, so decided to go safe with 32E.It arrived this morning, and taking it out of the packaging, I was in love and was so hoping it was going to fit me.Thankfully, it fits me perfectly on the first strap and is so comfortable.On the front it has a pretty little red and white bow, with a lace pattern each side of the cups.The inside of the bra has some form of a foam layer, making it completely soft and comfortable for your boobs to sit in.It also holds them into position perfectly,feels sexy to wear, and sits nicely on the body when wearing a tight fitted dress.I paid £20.25, which again is a very good price and I feel this bra will last me a very longtime too.It was ordered through Brastop and is currently on sale for £17!
This is a close up shot of the cup to see the pretty lace and dotted design, and  design wise, is my favourite alongside the Ann Summers Bella Boudoir Bra.Comparing it to the images online, it looks a lot better in person, and the website doesn't really do it much justice, but I still fell in love with the design first with the image online.Can be purchase here
Kelly Brook (New Look)
Lastly this bra is ancient, and I've had it for a very long time, however it still can be picked up for a very cheap price.I uploaded a video of this a few days ago on instagram, showing on how well this bra holds despite for having it for a long time, but it got reported by a bunch of saddo's (BOO!).This is one of New Look's bra's from the Kelly Brook range, and again has one of my favourite colours with a bow.If your New Look stores still stock these, they go for around £3-£4, and purchased from eBay around £8.I must of had this bra for at least 5-6years, and I'm surprised on how the straps haven't got loose and the underwire isn't poking through either.The bra is slightly padded to give that extra uplift, but in my case I don't need this and it can be removed from the bra very easily.The sizes can be a bit iffy, because I have the exact same bra from the same range, but in the red coloured bra, I'm a size 34DD, and this one I'm a 34E, because the DD was too small.Its not a huge difference between the cups, but the DD made my boobs bulge over the top.

Curvy Kate Tease Me Black/Scarlet 
This might be my favourite bra out of all that I've mentioned above so far, but that might change because Curvy Kate really know how to design such great lingerie.I was lucky to pick this up during a sale on eBay as it was sold out everywhere else for £13 (RRP £29), and fell in love with it instantly because the wine colour is beautiful and brings a whole new level of sexy to it.The design and layout is very similar to the other Curvy Kate bra that I mentioned 2posts above this one, except its filled with a wine and black colour on the front, with the bows being a red/pink.It supports my boobs very well, not so much around the back due to it being a bigger back (34) instead of the 32 like the other one, however I'm still happy with it and the fact it was the last one in stock, I couldn't say no.

UPDATE 1st April:

Following from how popular the this post is, I decided to bring you big busted ladies some more, and will be breaking them down into parts for you.Each section will feature at least 4+ bra's that I've come across that have great quality, price and design. PART 2 IS HERE

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