Summer Essentials

June is here which now means it is officially summer!Sadly as I'm typing this, its raining with thunder outside but I'm not going to let that stop me looking forward to the summer weather we're expecting!I've gathered some of my favourite products and new ones, that I think will benefit you over the summer period.To make it easier for yourself, I've broken it down in 4 parts and each sector will have 3-4 products recommendations.The order is as follows:

- Hair care
- Skincare
- Fashion

There is a lot of information on this blog post that may look quite long (if your reading it on a mobile/tablet), so I would advise reading this on a computer as there will be a lot of scrolling through.All these products have my honest opinion on how they've have worked for me,  and they are not limited to a certain hair/skin type.The prices and availability may vary due to of the time of this blog being posted, but I will try my best to keep it updated for you if you are interested in any of the products below.Hope you enjoy :)

Hair Care

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Fixing Shine Hairspray:
Never been a hairspray fan because it would be so hard to find one that would work for my curls, but would work great for other hair types.I came across this at Superdrug about 2months ago and haven't switched to another brand since.It holds my curls in place and also holds extra moisture in too, without giving that sticky yet crunchy feeling to your hair.The scent isn't too strong but is pleasant enough to have in your hair.I mainly use this when I have my hair up in a bun to keep it intact, but also when I style my curls to one side, clipping it down then spray, and my hair would stay in position the rest of the day.
Price: £2.99-5.99

John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse:
For the past year I was using Cantu Curl Activator Cream, which is one of the best curl products I used on my hair. After a while it got harder trying to obtain this product yet the price started to increase on it too.As like the hairspray above, I came across this two months ago and I use it as an alternative to the Cantu.I prefer the Curl Mousse because it defines my curls really well and most of the time there is zero frizz.It works great it hot weather too which is a plus.The scent is ok, it just has that typical hair mousse scent, but other than that really recommend if you have curly/wavy hair and your looking for that defined no frizz look.John Frieda products can tend to be pricey depending on where you get them from, so I would always recommend Superdrug as its mostly on sale and Boots have 3 for 2.
Price: £2.99-£5.99

Big Hair Beauty Leave In Moisturising Milk
For those who read my Big Hair Beauty blog review, you know how much I love there products.Moisture is important for all hair types, especially curly as our hair tends to get dryer quicker.With the warm weather heading this way, our hair is going to be prone to drying out faster, which is why I recommend this beauty because it keeps your hair moisturised the whole day!I have a lot of hair and would only need a 5p size for it toIt works great for all hair types, but really beneficial for curly,kinky and (BLAH) hair. Full review here
Price: £12.95
Big Hair Beauty

Skin Care

Garnier Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel/Wake Me Up (For Dull Skin)
I use this gel as an alternative, mostly on days when I don't go out or a lazy day doing errands.The texture is a gel and its very easy to apply to the skin, and absorbs pretty fast too!.It doesn't leave your skin sticky and does the job leaving your skin fresh faced too!.You don't need a lot of this to do its job because applying to much may leave your skin too greasy looking.The scent of this one is more perfumed compared to the light lotion, and can be a bit strong, but it doesn't last the whole day.
Price: £1.99-£3.99

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion/Protect & Glow (For Normal Skin)
The majority of my skincare range is Garnier, because they've always worked great for my skin and always produce great results.The illuminating light lotion is my favourite face cream, because it moisterises, easy to apply to the skin and  makes makeup easy to blend in.The scent is really lovely and lasts on your skin the whole day.I would also apply this to my neck as I would sometimes blend my makeup there too. Full review here 
Price: £1.99-£3.99

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion (For Dry Skin, *mine is normal*)
This is going to sound so sad, but I purely brought this because of the mango oil and the scent of it, but despite my skin being normal and it aimed at dry skin, this still does an amazing job without overdoing it at all!.I use this mostly on my arms to keep them moisturised during the day, and also after waxing (legs & underarms only) to make my skin smooth, while not getting irritated either
I can definitely say that this product does live up to the skin feeling hydrated for up to 7 days, and since owning it through winter also, you would only need a small amount to do the job.
Price: £2.35-£3.29 

Garnier Antiperspirant Deodorant (Cotton Fresh) 
Underarms are quite sensitive especially if you shave (learnt the hard way!) but also when you wax them.Its hard to come across a deodorant that does everything that it claims, and evetually I found this one which works a treat.Despite it having a scent, it doesn't irritate my skin and can be sprayed on after hair removal.I wear dark clothing most of the time, and more confident about it too now, because this deodorant doesn't leave white stains on my tops.I've yet to try the other scents of this range yet, but the cotton one is a huge favourite of mine, because it really does leave that fresh scent.
Price: £1.48-£2.99


I'm far from a fashion god, and the majority of clothes I get, I just throw them together on what I think looks nice.The last time I ever copied a style was when I was 15, where I got sick of looking like everyone else and began feeling comfortable wearing my own thing.My sense of style has changed a lot, alongside my mood. I've found dressing in something that your comfortable in, yet compliments your figure really gives you a mood boost.

In the last few weeks I've gathered some summer clothes, and all of them are shipped directly from China.I'm more likely to purchase clothes from China instead of getting it from a high street store, because they add on at least £10-£15 extra just for the name.The first outfit I posted as a preview on my Instagram last week, which featured the crochet top, cost me £5.The top comes in three sizes which are Small,Medium and Large (I'm wearing large).Always recommend going a size up when it comes to Asian clothes due to them coming up quite small.Its best to wear a strapless bra or a white bandeau underneath as its completely see through.The quality of this top is good and at a bargain price for £5.(Shorts & Shoes no longer available for sale) 

Next up is this gorgeous lace beach dress which is perfect for the summer and festival season.This dress will come up shorter if your quite tall and can be passed off as a top.It looks the best with a white bikini underneath or bandeau which will blend in with the dress, but as you can see it still looks fine with a purple bra too.
The dress is availible in sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL (mine is L), shipping from china, and as above I always recommend going the next size up from what you are.The store also do have sales from time to time, with this dress starting from £6.00 with a £2.11 shipping fee which does include tracking so you know where your parcel is.         
Beach Dress                          

I've noticed a lot of girls have been going absolutely nuts over these Pandora Princess Rings and I've personally never been appealed by there jewellery and find that they charge stupid amounts for something that doesn't look worth that price tag either.I'm constantly getting new rings to add to my collection, and decided to get myself a crown ring, that not only is great quality wise, but also for a great price too.

I got this ring for £1(sale) from china, and it is one of the prettiest rings I've ever owned.It fits perfectly and the quality of the ring is amazing.Doing a stain check with this ring, I wore it most of the day, while also washing my hair and not once did the ring stain my finger which I find a lot of more expensive ones do.

I know this ring design doesn't look exactly like Pandora's Princess Rings, but I found this one to be a great alternative, especially as the quality is really good and the price is ridiculously cheap.It took just under 2weeks for this to be delivered
Crown Ring

This is the first post of my summer essentials and will be adding more products and items that I can come across that I think will benefit you.Any questions please email me :) Shanise       x

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