Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion

Spring has finally started here in the UK and although the warm weather is lovely, our skin needs moisture and protection, especially for the face. Garnier has been known for having a range of products that battle each skin type and tone, which makes them one of my favourite skincare brands.

There Moisture Match/Protect + is my personal favourite and I haven't touched another face moisteriser since.Its enriched with Vitamin E which is great for the skin and also has SPF 20,perfect protection for the warm weather.
Old packaging on the left, new on the right
This one is designed for Normal/Uneven skin.It comes in a 50ml tube (as shown above) and normally sell for £3.99, but are on mostly on sale at Superdrug for £1.98 which is an absolute bargain!Garnier also decided to change the name of this moisteriser too, but the product itself hasn't changed as they confirmed that to me via Twitter.

The moisteriser itself isn't too thick and absorbs into the skin very easily.I would only need a pea sized amount to cover all of my face, and neck if I were to have some left over.Its perfect for a makeup base and to give you that illuminating glow.This is the only moisteriser that keeps my makeup intact and my skin moisterised the whole day.The scent smells like fresh lemons and isn't too overpowering at all.

Would I buy again?Yes hands down, and will continue to use it for the summer period.I cannot find any fault with this product and cannot praise it enough for what its done for my skin.Have you tried any of there moisture match products?What did it do for your skin?Comment below :)



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