Schwarzkopf got2b Rise n Shine Soufflé

This was one of those random products I ended up purchasing because they had it on sale and couldn't resist trying something new.I've always been a fan of Schwarzkopf's products, favoring their hair dyes out of the lot, but I'd heard a few things about this Rise n Shine Volume Soufflé too and wanted to see what its like for thick curly hair.

It comes in a pretty pink tub and holds 100ml of the souffle.Using other soufflé hair products in the past, I expected this to be of gel/wax texture, but this had a melt in your hand cream feel to it which I really love.This smells absolutely amazing, it has that fresh out of the hairdressers scent and isn't too overpowering.There are no instructions provided which I found a bit odd but can be found on there website.It recommends to be used on dry hair and as a extra boost work at the roots.
First time using this, it didn't work well on my dry hair alone, which I was expecting as my hair doesn't take in creams very well when its dry.It left my hair lanky, no volume and no shine to it either.The second time using it, I applied it to wet hair, taking a 5p sized amount and rubbing it between my hands so it melted as before, I massaged it into my hair focusing on the ends also.

This worked a lot better on wet hair, providing shine and added some volume too.What I found also that's quite good with this is that I only needed a small amount to work for my thick long curls, and for the price too, it done a pretty damn good job.

Superdrug currently have this on sale for £2.70 which is a great bargain, so grab it while you can!Recommend this definitely if your looking to add some extra shine and volume, and isn't too pricey either :)

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