Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation has been my number one since purchasing it a few months ago.Before that I was using Maybelline's Dream Satin and SuperStay since I was 17,as it was the only foundation that was closest to my skin tone and provided good coverage.I'm busy nearly everyday and although I don't mind leaving the house with zero makeup on, their would be those days where you would wake up "scruffier" than usual and applying a £32 foundation just for that reason was just wasteful.

With Maybelline being out of the picture since they've changed there formula, I decided to give Max Factor a go and decided to purchase from there Skin Luminizer range.Looking online at swatches, Sand (60) looked the closest to my skin, but was sold out everywhere and the only shade they had left was Golden (75) so had to make do with that.Luckily this shade is perfect for my skin tone and I've put a comparison swatch below comparing to Maybelline's Super Stay in the shade Fawn:
(Left to right: Max Factor & Maybelline)
This foundation is fairly thick and not runny compared to the Maybelline one, and also doesn't have a scent to it either.I've tried this foundation using my fingers and using my Real Techniques Expert Brush, which in my opinion works best with the brush; making it blendable and leaving a flawless finish.

Another thing I love about this foundation is the packaging.The little white swirl on the front reminds me of a Latte (weird I know), but its mostly the gold packaging of this product that I really love about it
As with most foundations, this comes with a pump, and again I really love the gold packaging they've given it.I feel this pump could be an issue in the future after using it for a while, due to it being so thick, as its started to clog the opening of the pump a bit already.This does tend to happen a lot when it comes to liquid foundations, and is one of the negatives that I've come across with this product so far.I'm hoping it doesn't clog up sooner than expected. So here is the result of what this foundation looks like on my skin:

I've made picture fairly big so you can see the results of this foundation on my skin.This is probably the only foundation, and that includes NARS, that is the closest to my skin tone, not needing to blend my neck either.My skin is left extremely smooth, covering the small spots that I had on that day.It also doesn't transfer which is great to know, as I tend to touch my face a lot when I'm nervous and lasts for approximately 12hours until the spots decide to resurface.The only two negatives I've found with this foundation is the pump clogging up and the amount you get for the price.I purchased this with a gift card, retailing at £11.99, which if I didn't have a gift card, I probably would of not touched this because the most for a drugstore foundation I would pay would be around £5-£7, but thats just me, I can be a real cheapskate sometimes.

I'd recommend this foundation if your looking to get a smooth yet flawless finish and don't mind spending £9.99- £11.99 on this.This foundation also has a lot of shades, which is great to know for us ladies and men who are maybe on the darker side, and have a choice of shades to choose from!I'd also recommend going in store to find out what your shade is, because the swatches online (which will include mine) aren't very accurate when it comes to deciding what shade you are, and I'm pretty good with guessing mine and I nearly messed it up completely.There isn't any information on the Max Factor website on undertones for this foundation either, so its best for you to go in store and find out what shade you are (unless you want to live dangerously).That's it for my review on this foundation and let me know what you think of it :)

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