L'Orèal Studio Pro Ultra Smoothing Cream Review

I've been with BzzAgent for a while, so when I received an email asking if I wanted to review some products "cough L'Orèal cough", clearly I'm going to reply with a big fat YES.My review was sent to BzzAgent last week which was quite short as your only allowed a certain amount of characters.This is what I said:

"I have a mixture of 3a/3b/3c hair, and I was really excited to try this because L'Orèal products are normally pretty good.I've used this a few times in hope it would still work but it doesn't at all.The product is quite sticky like a gel, and even when applying to wet hair it leaves the hair feeling sticky.Once its dried on the hair, its left feeling crunchy.It doesn't claim what it does at all which is a shame.The only two positives are the smell and the packaging that makes it easy to distribute the product"

Just by that small paragraph,  it doesn't do it justice at all, which again is a real shame because I'm a huge fan of L'Orèal.I don't want this review to put you off entirely mind you, because I've actually read some positive feedback on this product, as it seems to have worked better for those with finer and less thick curly hair.I wanted to do a full review on this and explaining further of why it wasn't for me, because not every hair product is going to work for everyone, and on this occasion this one just didn't work for me at all, but don't worry their are some positives :)
The Ultra Smoothing Cream is designed for achieving long lasting straight hair up to 96hours, heat protection up to 230°C and a smooth sleek finish while reducing frizz.Sounds pretty promising since their Studio Line Spray worked wonders on my hair, so I had no worries about this one not doing the job.The packaging is a very vibrant yellow and comes in a 150ml tube.Its easy to squeeze the product out and much prefer it to a spray nozzle.Onto the back for instructions wise, its very short and simple on how to use it:
"Apply on damp hair, spread along lengths to smooth and control frizz.For intense sleek and polished looks, style with a flat iron"
Pretty straight forward, so after washing my hair, I applied a 20p size amount, whilst focusing on the parts that tend to get more frizzy.At this stage, my hair felt very sticky, because the product itself is like a gel and considering that I just washed my hair, it wasn't a nice feeling to have.Roughly after about 10minutes, it began to feel lanky which in hair terms means flat, dry and dull.My hair was also more frizzy than usual!

I then got distracted by playing Fallout 4 (another settlement needed my help), until I stopped to touch my hair, and it felt crunchy as hell.I re-washed my hair with a gentle shampoo, because I didn't want my hair feeling and looking lanky again.Over the next couple of days, I thought I'd give it another go on a small section of my hair, this time with straighteners.Taking a small section of my hair, I sprayed it with water until it was near enough damp and applied a pea size amount, not wanting a repeat of last time just in case I applied too much.I'd also like to mention, the smell of this is lovely, and it kinda reminds me of mens aftershave, but hey no complaints over here!Once my hair was dry enough, I took my Remington Protect Straighteners at 180°C and glided carefully over this section.It done its normal little sizzle sound and my hair was straight like these straighteners always achieve.Roughly after 5hours (being indoors), my hair started to frizz and it wasn't as straight.Now with these straighteners with the Studio Line spray that I mentioned earlier, my hair is straight up to a week or until I decide to wash it out, and with this smoothing cream, it could only cope with 5hours and that's just by being indoors!The next day, my hair started to curl with added frizz and it just had that horrible sticky feeling again.At this point I was done, and it was pretty much clear that this product wasn't for me.

Will this stop me from purchasing L'Orèal hair products in the future?No this won't.I've tested L'Orèal products in the past which didn't work at all, yet another product from their range or the formula being improved, gave me great results, in this case the Studio Line works the best for me.I'm grateful that L'Orèal sent me this product to review in the first place because I'm a freak of a fan for them, but also being able to give you my experience and feedback on this too.I feel this didn't also work great for me because my hair isn't keen on gel like textures, even though it states that its a cream, however I do not feel this is L'Orèal's fault and its just down to my hair not being keen on the texture.

Rating: 2/5

Purchase here at Feelunique (£3.99), Amazon (£4.49), Boots (£4.99)

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