L'Orèal Exclusive Reds: Blake Shade

I'm one of the most fussiest people when it comes to lipsticks, especially in the red shade.I own at least 30 differents brands of lipsticks all in the colour red, and the two that only done the job for me for the past year are MAC's Russian Red and Lime Crimes Red Velvet.

I got really excited when I heard about there exclusive reds range, especially when I saw Blake Lively in the promotional photo.Seeing all the reds that they released,I was stuck between either getting Blakes or Eva Longoria's lipstick.What made it more harder was that each of these lipsticks were to match you and your undertone so really I should of gone with Eva's but I just loved the look of Blakes shade and I love her too so I couldn't resist.

So eventually after two months of waiting for it to get back in stock, I finally got my hands on it.The packaging as you can see to the left looks and feels quite expensive, especially for a £6.99 lipstick (move over Lime Crime).

I have a thing for Matte lipsticks too which this one claims the finish to be.When first applying it, it felt creamy and moistersing which gave me the "uh oh this isn't going to be a matte finish".After about 2mins the lipstick dried into a matte finish but my lips still felt really mousterised unlike the MAC and Lime Crime products I have used in the past.I was also very pleased with the colour too, it was the perfect red I've been looking for and it also smelt great too!

I wore the lipstick pretty much the whole day, and I was showered with compliments from men and woman which really put me in such a good mood for the whole day.Not once did I need to touch up my lipstick despite eating oily foods and drinking during the day, it stayed intact the whole time!

I've had this lipstick since November and it still does a great job, I pretty much wear it everyday when I go out because I absolutely love it!Bad things about it?Nothing.I haven't come across anything negative about this lipstick at all.Have you tried any of the exclusive reds range?Let me know below and what you thought of them :) xx
Tobi: Because you're worth it
Blakes Lipstick

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