Creme Of Nature Strength & Shine Leave In Conditioner

Hi! I'm back again with another product review!I decided to give Argan Oil a try and Creme Of Nature was the first one to pop up, and with over 200 positive reviews and for the cheap price that I couldn't resist really.I would also like to point out this product works great if you have high protein as well as low protein in your hair too!
Design/Packaging: Very pretty designed bottle which pretty much stands out against everything that I have on my shelf.The bottle has to be shaken before you use it to activate the liquid inside.The spray pump helps to distribute the product evenly across you hair so no worry about it leaking.

Smell: Sorry Shea Moisture, but this stuff beats you by a mile!To me it smells like vanilla, and its not overpowe either.The scent doesn't linger in your hair much which is a shame because it is a scent I would love to stick around the whole day.

First Impression: I used this just on damp hair alone and my hair was soft and shiny but i didn't get much definition.My hair didn't shrink either which I was really happy about because shrinkage is the worst for curlies,it frustrates the hell out of us!

Today is the second day that I've used it and I got so much better results!I applied this to damp hair like before and distributed it all over my hair.I then applied Cantu Curl Activator (Heaven in a bottle too!) and left my hair to air dry!These two are a great combo and is pretty much going to be my LOC method from now on!My curls are more shiny,soft and defined as you can see in these images :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this small review on this product as much as I did writing it, and let me know how you got on with this product and what you liked/didn't like about it :)

UPDATE DAY 3 Curls :)

Hello :) I wanted to do a photo update on my Day 3 curls and success!My hair is loving this stuff and it makes things so much easier not having to worry about shrinkage!Soft bouncy curls :)

UPDATE 4 Months Later:

Just thought I'd leave a update on this product and the results on how its doing.I still use this product but only as a leave in, not a part of my LOC method.The reason for this is because it can get tiring to do my hair especially when it comes to the LOC method,so I use this either after I've deep conditioned my hair or on lazy day.Below is an image of my hair with just water and the Creme Of Nature Leave In, in my hair.I still recommend this product and will be repurchasing.

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