Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Hi Guys!Its been a good couple of months since I've posted anything and a lot has changed since then!For my regular readers I'll give you a update in the next two paragraphs to explain on what has happened since then, if your just here for the Shea Moisture review, skip the next two paragraphs :)

So you all saw me struggling with my curls, I disliked them a lot, they were dry, damaged, split and just basically had no life to them. Below is a little reminder of how my hair used to look.Warning its not pretty!
Brittle and Hell loads of Split Ends!

When I look back at that photo of my hair, I cannot believe the amount of damage that I induced onto it.Despite me also going through all those products that I posted reviews on, they did for sometime work for my hair, but as usual my hair would get used to it or it just couldn't handle with all the build up.I also cut out any heat stylers onto my hair so heat free!Anyway, onto the review and my new regimen which will hopefully work for you too :)

The Review!(and my hair Regimen)

The best way I've found to use this product for my hair type (3b to 3c) is a fairly easy one.I wash my hair once to twice a week depending on the weather, but its mostly twice due to the hot weather we have just got here in the UK!I shampoo/condition my hair with either Organix Coconut Milk for the first 3weeks of the month then Organix Brazillian Keratin for the last week as I don't want to overdue it with having Keratin in my hair.

All the Healthy Stuff :D
The Yogurt/Mouse Feeling Smoothie

After I've washed them both out I use Lee Stafford Argon Oil Deep Treatment, (Don't worry there will be a review on this later) leave that into my hair for about 5 minutes then wash out.While my hair is still damp, I get only a small amount each time of the smoothie, rub it through the palms of my hands and evenly spread it through my hair, making sure its applied to root and tip.After that I either let my hair air dry if I'm in no hurry to go out, or I use Lee Stafford Argon Oil Hairdryer which distributes oil into my hair reducing any heat damage to it.

So time for some photo's, each one has a explanation on if its been styled,but have in mind, I haven't applied any heat stylers onto my hair, (only once a month now) which has also reduced shrinkage,yaaaay!
Natural Curls After Wash
Thick voluminous curls after 2 days
Styled with Remington Waves
Brushed Out Waves after a week :)

Big difference  from having crispy, split hair to shiny long and healthy curls.I really do recommend people to try this product, especially if you have a very similar hair type to my own.

Another tip that I do to keep my hair moisturised and this is entirely up to you and your hair.I wash it with luke warm water then again do the same with applying the smoothie.It keeps my hair moisturised and maintains my curls.

Thats my review for the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, hope you've enjoyed reading and given you a insight on this product :)

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