Herbal Essences Silk 'N' Shine Conditioner

Herbal Essences have been around for a long time and I've only ever used one of there products which was the Split End Protection Cream.Doing some product research on the brand, there was a lot of fuss about there Silk 'N' Shine range which they had recently brought back.I decided to only pick up there conditioner as I'm pretty much happy with my Tresemme Shampoo.

Rose Hips, Jojoba Extracts and Vitamin E are all known to be great for the hair and scalp, so having these three beauties mixed up together, without silicones and sulptates too, makes this conditioner sound very promising. I've owned this conditioner for about 4weeks now and it has become my main conditioner for washes and co washes.

When I first opened the cap the scent was lovely and I couldn't wait to apply it to my hair. It smells like roses and isn't too overpowering despite the amount I had to use for my hair. The product is not too thick as you can see in the image to the right, and it was easy to apply to the hair and massage into the scalp.

I left it on for roughly 2 to 3 minutes and washed it out.I normally apply an oil to keep in the moisture locked in, but I wanted to see what this conditioner had on its own to see if it did provide shine like it said it would.

This product stand alone does provide shine, but it also provides moisture and makes the hair very soft.The rose scent also lasted the whole day and I got a lot of compliments on how lovely my hair looked and smelt too!. Another tip I would like to share is if you get a spray bottle, get a teaspoon of the conditioner and mix it with water, it can be great for a leave in or to use it to spray when your in a rush, its that amazing and saves time too!

Cowash Results.Look at that shine!
Current Deals (UK Only)
Superdrug £3.49 or 2 for £6 
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Hope you enjoyed this review and recommend picking this up if your hair needs that extra moisture and shine! :)



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