L'Orèal Extraordinary Oils Shampoo + Conditioner

Got dry,dull or rebellious hair?It seems L'Orèal have found a solution for that.I immediately went out to purchase there shampoo and conditioner not bothering to look at there reviews, one because it was brand new and secondly my hair loves oily products.I'm going to breakdown this review into three parts, Shampoo, Conditioner and Overall Review and also breakdown in each section describing the product so it gives you more of a idea of what its like.

Shampoo + Conditioner 250ml

Shampoo Review:

This shampoo claims that: 
  • Voluptuously Smooth: Touch lusciously soft lengths as the formula melts onto hair smoothing dry,coarse hair fibres
  • Perfectly Tamed: See exquisitely gorgeous hair which is tames and radiant
  • Remarkably Supple: Feel the transformation as your hair becomes richly nourished and softly detangled 

Design/Packaging: I've always loved the bottle shape and design of L'Orèal products.They keep it simple and easy to be able to  get the product out without it being wasted.The cap is very secure also so that product doesn't leak.(apart from in this image I ended up breaking the condtioner cap ooops)

Smell: I found it very hard to describe the smell, even asking my folks of what they would describe it as.The closest I can describe it, is that it smells like a floral mens aftershave.Strange I know, but the main thing is that it smells lovely and it isn't too overpowering.

First Impression of using it:  I was very impressed by this shampoo which cleaned my hair and scalp from the product build up I use.Its thick,creamy and easy to apply all over the hair.When washing it out,I'm always concerned about shampoo's drying out my hair, this one did not.My hair was softer and smelt lovely.

Conditioner Review:

This conditioner claims that: 
  • Voluptuous Softness: Touch lusciously soft lengths as the formula melts onto the hair, sealing and smoothing the appearance of the fibre
  • Lustrous Shine: See the brilliance of hair which looks iridescent with shine
  • Effortlessly Free-Flowing: Feel the lightness of hair as it becomes weightlessly detangled and silky

Design/Packaging: This is pretty much the same as the shampoo apart from the liquid comes out from the bottom of the bottle instead from the top which makes it easier from having to squeeze the bottle when its low like the shampoo.

Smell: Exactly the same scent, except this one lingers in your hair for at least 3days which I think is great, as its a great confidence boost of having beautiful smelling hair.

First Impression of using it: When I put some of the product on my hand, I ended up staring at it for a good 20seconds.Reason being it has like a glitter shine to it, and I was amazed yet worried if this would make it hard to wash out of my hair.I applied a good amount of it over my hair, which was easy to apply due to it being creamy and not too thick.I then proceeded to wash it out and it was so easy!My hair was nourished,detangled and looked healthy!How can one simple product do so much?!

Overall Review:

I've had these since September, which is a lot of time to see how these products work in the long run.Although the shampoo is amazing, I've found another brand that cleans my scalp in a 900ml for the same price as this so thats my only issue.

As for the conditioner, I still use it as my hair absolutely loves it!Two things I've learnt from it though: Don't apply too much to the hair like I did (bad move) and also don't leave it in longer than 5mins (another bad move). My hair got all gunky and sticky so its definitely not a leave in conditioner, other than that, hands down BEST conditioner of the year!
Now for some photo's?

Shiny Curls

More Shiny Curls

Thank you to L'Orèal!

 Just want to say Thank you again to  L'Orèal!I won a competition back in October 2014 they were doing for there Extraordinary Oils Range and I was so happy to find that I won one of there vouchers which they sent to me recently.Keep up the good work!xx

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