Good Bra's For Big Boobs Part 2

Bralets have always been a pain in the bum especially when it comes to actually finding one that fits and has some form of support for our boobs too.Aliexpress has been a company I have been raving about since discovering them last year, with their huge range of items and sellers coming from China.Not once have I ever had a bad experience with them, I would always get my item refunded if it got lost (crappy royal mail) or get sent a brand new one free of charge.Sizing in China is a lot different to our size, and I'm often having to find that I need to go at least 1-2sizes bigger for it to fit me perfectly.I often fall in love with there sexy underwear, but never got round to purchasing a bra because the majority would stop at 34B.Whilst browsing one of my favourite sellers store, I came across this gorgeous lace burgundy bra.Looking at the reviews, I noticed a few of the women with fairly larger breasts than mine were able to fit into the bra perfectly.This gave me hope, so I ordered the size 80D (36D) which was the biggest they had at the time.

The bra arrived this morning just under 2weeks (excluding Easter), and I'm so happy with my purchase.It fits me perfectly at the front as you can see and supports them very well.On the sides when taking that photo, there was slight boobage sticking out.I've been wearing it for 2-3hours now,and while typing this, the bra has stretched there slightly with the bra now holding them all in (yaaaaaay).The pretty little bow in the middle with a jewel hanging from it making it even more pretty and is one of my favourite designs added to this bra.Although it holds my boobs quite good, I feel this is going to be something that I'm going to chill in or wear on my (time of the month) days, because this bra is really comfortable and soft, so you don't have to worry about that underwire digging into you or anything.It also comes with lace undies for free, and you have to let them know which size you are at the checkout, or they'll send out a random size to you.This bra cost me only £9 which includes tracking and was purchased directly from this seller here

I recently came across the brand Gossard, who specialise in beautiful lingerie collections.I ended up browsing there outlet, with many of there items priced so cheaply it made me question this.I came across this beautiful Bridal Mulitway Bra, which is on sale for £8.50 from £42.With the free delivery offer until the 1st April, I really couldn't resist a bargain.I ordered it 32E just to make sure it would fit me, as this was my first time shopping with them and as you know all stores sizes come up different.It arrived within two working days, and I was so excited to try it on.Unfortunately, this bra came up extremely small, mainly the band around the back was only about iPhone 4S length, I could not get it around my back.I contacted there customer service (which may I add were lovely), and ordered the size 34E just to be safe.This size fits me a lot better as you can see in the above image, apart from the fail that I made with the twisted strap on the right.I'm also excited that I'll be able to wear this bra underneath a nude or white top, as all my other ones no longer fit me.

The design on the bra is beautiful, with pretty little sequins that sparkle when caught in the sunlight.The little white bow with the diamond in the middle is very cute, and again very pretty.I haven't tried this bra with the straps different yet, because I'm pretty happy with it just the way it is, but judging on how well it held my boobs before I adjusted the straps, makes me think it will be a good strapless bra.If you do decide to order a bra from this brand, I'd highly recommend going a band size up for it to fit or contact there customer service team who are a great help.This bra is from there VIP collection/range and can be purchased directly from here

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