Garnier Intensive 7 Days Lotion

Finally decided to do a Garnier Blog post, considering I've just gone overboard on purchasing a lot of there products to stock up for the spring. I wanted to start with this Nourishing Lotion, because I've had it for a while now and perfect for the summer and winter season.
Tip: This  isn't recommended to apply to the face. Click here for face moisterisers :) 

The design of the bottle is pretty simple like all there products, you just flick up the cap,turn upside down/or to the side and the product distributes easily and no mess. You can get this in 250ml/400ml. I opted for the 400ml as it worked out cheaper and if the results were good, keeping it as my moisteriser.

I normally don't have dry skin, but I decided to get this one because 1.During the winter skin is more prone to getting dry, 2. Mango Oil 3. Extra Nourishment and 4. I always prepare for the summer period too.I was a bit skeptical with this at first because when reading the back of the bottle (below) it promised a lot of things and I was thinking "hmm, really?can it really achieve all this?"

I've had this for the whole winter up until now with this warm weather that England has been "blessed" with.The milk texture absorbs into the skin very easily and leaves your skin soft and moisterised.You can smell a hint of the mango in the cream and its beautifully scented lasting the whole day.For me personally I apply this to my collarbones, shoulders, legs and feet to keep it moisterised. If you wear a lot of tights during the winter or summer period, and your legs are prone to getting a bit rough, this takes care of that too.

Other than that, I highly recommend this, especially for those who have dry skin anyway but it also shows it great for those with normal skin too who want that extra nourishment.



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