Free Your Mane: Restorative Hair Oil

Free Your Mane provide a variety of hair products for ethnic hair, and I was very lucky enough to be sent there hair oil, courtesy of Antidote Street.The first thing I noticed was how adorable the packaging is.This is an 15ml bottle, with them also offering it in 47ml and 121ml sizes as well.I have a lot of hair, that is also very very thick and this bottle is surprisingly just enough for me as I don't need to use a lot.To describe this product, its literally gold in a bottle that my hair absolutely loves.This oil has been created to restore over-processed, dry and dull hair, into a healthy shiny state.It also:
- extends the life of your colour
- helps improve chemical treatment results
- improves the feel of extensions
- protects delicate strands from heat damage
I only tick two boxes above and that is my hair tends to get dry, especially when the weather is fairly hot.This oil is used in my LOC method routine, and again after applying the cream if I want to achieve that extra shine.Taking one small pump of oil, I rub it between my hands, applying it mainly to the back and the sides of my hair as its mostly dry there and to reduce frizz.I then proceed to applying favourite my curl gel (Bounce Curl).For that extra shine, I apply another small pump of oil and apply it to the rest of my hair.

The oil is fairly thick, so thats why I prefer rubbing it between my hands and it also makes it easier to distribute throughout the hair.This oil also works very well when diffusing, not causing the oil to harden under the heat.My curls were also protected from heat damage, even though I had it on a low setting.As you can see in the photo above there is quite a little bit of shine, especially on those three curls that have changed colour during the heat.

The pricing for this oil is very reasonable, starting at £7 for the 15ml bottle.I recommend getting this size, just to start off and to see how well your hair gets along with it.I'm very impressed so far with this restorative hair oil, and I'll be posting more updates over the next two weeks via this post and my instagram on any changes.You can check out other Free Your Mane products "here", that also includes shampoo, conditioner, pomade and leave in spray.


  1. I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.

    1. Wow thank you so much!I really hope this post does help people that are wondering about this product and brand :)