Childhood Revisited

I'm sure you've seen the "Growingup" hashtag floating around social media in the past week.Their were so many that I could relate too, and it made me sit there for a good 30 minutes remembering things from my childhood, good or bad.My main memory which has always stuck with me until now, was that I was a huge sucker for games.I was introduced to games at a very young age, with the PS1 being my first ever console.The image to the left, I was 7 and playing Fifa with my dad, and you can see how much enjoyment on my face with my nerd grin because I was clearly kicking ass.These memories always make me smile, because the gaming industry has changed so much since.

Despite being a Playstation user for pretty much most of my childhood, I then moved over to Xbox.This wasn't because I thought "xbox is better", it was for two reasons, which was my PS3 that I saved up for so long broke within the first week, and the majority of my friends had moved over to Xbox, and I wanted to play with them.During this period, I also purchased some of the old and newly released consoles too, like the Dreamcast, Xbox Original, Gamecube,Gameboy, Nintendo DS/Wii and the PSP.I wanted to try everything, and there were some games that I preferred on one console to another, never meant I thought that console was overall better than the other one.

Still to this day, I still play games, including the classic ones like Crash Bandicoot. Although its possible to play it on consoles (PS3), sometimes I like to take my PSP with me and play it on the go.The PSP in the image is modded, so I can download any game I like either off the internet or from the disks I own and convert it into a file that the PSP can read to play.You can do this to your own PSP, but be warned this process will void your warranty and the possibility of bricking it, so I would recommend either purchasing one off eBay for around £15+ or a friend who knows what they are doing to achieve this.

Like I said at the beginning there were a lot of things that I could relate to with this trend that is currently going around social media, but this one has stuck to me for a very long time.


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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing that adorable picture and moment from your childhood. I was also a playstation kid for most of my life then switched to xbox for a time and now back to playstation. I definitely prefer playstation over xbox at this point. I def used to have a psp too, seeing this post makes me miss it a bit :))