L'Orèal Paris Summer Saviour Nourishing Mask

L'Orèal have released a new range for the summer period called "Summer Saviour" which I picked up from Superdrug as they currently have this on the deal "better than half price".I've been a fan of there recent extraordinary oil range, especially with there shampoo and conditioner, so I decided to just pick up the hair mask.It comes in the usual designed packaging which I love because it doesn't get everywhere and is at an reasonable amount of 300ml.It claims that its for dry hair that is damaged by the sun, sand, salt and chlorine.For my situation it would be just the sun, because I start to get blonde to red highlights in my hair from it, and this can tend to make my hair dryer than usual.
The product itself still has that glittery shimmer added to it, and smells a bit like flowers mixed with men's aftershave, nonetheless it still smells lovely. As I do with all my hair masks, I apply it to clean damp hair, and leave it in for the recommended time (2-3minutes), and rinse out.

My hair was left feeling soft, but the worst was to come.Looking in the mirror my hair had become matted, to the point my trusty wet brush was even struggling to detangle the mess.Eventually I did get most of the knots out, but there was such a huge bit of my hair matted at the back, I had to cut it off because there was no way I was going to pull my hair risking of breaking my brush.Luckily with the amount of hair that I have,its not noticeable, but someone with less hair than me cutting a huge chunk out like that would leave hair uneven or worse a bald patch.

After an hour leaving my hair to air dry as usual, my hair was left seriously dry and started to shrink up faster because of this.Any hair mask I find that doesn't moisturise you hair or causes more dryness, should not be applied to the hair again, which in this case this will not be.I'm not saying it won't work for you, you may have far better results,but the way it treated my curls and caused my hair to get matted up and more dry, its definitely not for me.

That's my review on this hair mask and if your thinking of giving it a go still,you can pick it up from Superdrug in-store and online for £2.72 instead of £5.49 deal at the moment.Let me know what results you got when using this and if your going to give it a go :)

Shanise                      x

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