Garnier Ultimate Blends Soothing Hydrating Lotion

Its arrived!After posting a few days ago on the range, my order arrived faster than planned, and I couldn't wait to try this out on my skin.My skin type is normal, but is sensitive in area's where hair removal is most common, and it is always important to apply a cream afterwards to soothe the area.This lotion is directed at an audience for dry and sensitive skin types.If this lotion doesn't suit your skin needs, here is a list to the other lotions in there range.

"The Delicate Oat Soothing Hydrating Lotion is tailor-made for dry and sensitive skin of the whole family, with Oat Milk & White Almond Cream, the formula leaves your skin feeling nourished and irresistibly silky.A light and melt in lotion, with delicate floral fragrance with notes of vanilla, oat & almonds, that penetrates instantly, so you can get dressed immediately.Used daily, your skin feels incredibly soft and stays feeling protective day after day"
The packaging is always on point with Garnier, being sleek, showing important product information, has a pump (in comparison to the intensive 7day lotion) which makes it easier to distribute and apply to the skin.No parabens are in this product and a full list of the ingredients can be seen in the photo(click to enlarge image.The lotion can come in a 250ml/400ml, with me mostly opting for the 400ml bottle because its only £1 difference to purchase the bigger bottle and its enough for the whole family to use.                                                       
I used this cream the first time this morning on a small section on each of my legs, with one side waxed and the other side shaved.After waxing my skin is normally left feeling rough and shaving would leave it feeling dry.Taking a pea size for both legs, I applied it straight after the hair removal, watching my skin soak it up pretty fast.My skin was left extremely smooth, with the scent taking up the whole room, and normally I'm not keen on vanilla scents, but this smells so good.Being happy with the condition it left my legs in, I applied it then to my arms, hands, neck and chest area, as these are the other main area's I apply skin lotions too, to leave my skin moisturised for the rest of the day.
Each area my skin soaked up the lotion, leaving it incredibly smooth and smelling amazing.Their was no irritation to my skin, even in the hair removal area's, which is great for those that do suffer from sensitive skin.Its also non greasy/sticky as it stated on the front of the bottle and you can also put clothes on immediately on after without it leaving white streaks on your clothes.I tested this by putting my knee socks on afterwards, wearing them for the rest of the day, and my skin was still left extremely soft and moisturised.

Garnier have achieved another fantastic skin product, leaving my skin feeling more soft and moisturised than the intensive 7day lotion, with all the added benefits mentioned above too.This makes me want to go out and try the rest of the range, including the soothing balm which can be applied to the face and body.I'd highly recommend this lotion for those who suffer with dry and sensitive skin and are looking for something not too expensive.

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UPDATE 19/03/2016 Skin Update:

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