Are the DWP causing more deaths?

Bit of a strong title I know, but with statistics recently being released showing the number of deaths that could be linked to the DWP's work capability assessment, is really no surprise.2380 people between December 2011 and February 2014 died, weeks just after being told that they should start looking for work.The figures also relate to those on ESA, IB and SDA.I've had my fair share of problems facing the DWP, which I'm sure you can all relate too that can be found here

Being someone that is currently receiving ESA and waiting for an assessment to be taken out, this honestly scares me, not only for myself but others who are in the same boat or far worse.People should not be made to feel worried or penalised that there condition means nothing, and feel pressured that they have to go back to work.It also worries me of what the statistics are going to be for 2015 so far, because with the DWP enforcing more sanctions and more strict criteria, how are people going to get the help that they need?How is this going to affect people mentally?.The amount of stories I have heard about the assessment not really having to do anything with your condition, closed questions, and for most the outright rudeness that they get from the medical practitioner.For example, a lady aged 30 suffering from severe Agoraphobia and depression, meaning she could not leave the house at all, and felt very low all the time.After nervously having the work capability assessment at home, explaining that her condition caused her not being able to leave the house, nor carrying out daily activities, and being on high medication that could be a health risk in a workplace, she still was told that she was fit for work.Makes me wonder what on earth goes through there heads to reach an result like that.Imagine her condtion wasn't that severe to leave the house but would still have to take the medication, not only would that be a health risk to herself but also others in the workplace.

If you've been made to feel like this or anything negative caused by them, please comment anonymously/public below or email at All emails will be confidential and no names will be posted/story without your consent.

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