Garnier Moisture Restore Night Care Cream

After posting about there day moisture (click here), I decided to do a first impression review on there night cream.I've only had this for 3days which I know does not sound long enough at all,but considering I've had great results so far, I wanted to share it with you.

I've never owned a night cream in my life until now.I would use toner on my skin and use a day moisteriser instead, which had no benefit at all.This on the other hand, has improved my skin a lot in the past few days.The product itself is made up of gel which at first I wasn't sure if my skin would like it, as I've used gel based products before and it was a big NO, but this one however, my skin seems to love.

The gel itself is quite thick so you won't need a lot.It absorbs into the skin very easily, leaving a cooling sensation on the skin.The scent smells a bit like perfume which you get used to, as I didn't like it when I first used it.I personally found the best way to get results, is to use a makeup remover then to tone your skin so its completely clean, then apply this gel to your face.

Makeup : Loreal Blake Pure Red and Maybelline Lash Sensational
My skin feels and looks smoother too which you can see in the above photo and hasn't been retouched at all!.So far this moisteriser has done very well, and I cannot wait to see the results in the next few weeks.



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