Saturday, 7 March 2020

A Message To "You"

Of course I had to make my return by referencing the tv show YOU, because its mad addictive and I feel like this little update is Joe Goldberg related (no I don't mean stalking and murdering people, thats not why I vanished for 5months...honest!)

I've been a little busy since I last posted, ranging from moving out, working back at Cats Protection, adding a new cat to the family (yes the pictures are below of her if you're just here for the cats), getting my mental/physical health back on track and basically just being super happy.I feel like this post is going to benefit those mainly that started coming to my blog due to my struggles with anxiety and depression.I was stuck in a huge rabbit hole for the longest time and I never ever thought I would get out of it, but I did and its been amazing ever since.I'm not trying to come across as "Oh look I'm out of it now", because I still have a day or two with anxiety that wants to make an appearance during super stressful times and we're all human.Its more of "You CAN pull yourself out of the rabbit hole, although it may feel like you're completely buried underneath it all, I'm proof that you can get yourself out of it.But anyway, I won't delve into more of that right now and will do a separate post on that completely.So...onto the new one thats joined the family:
I don't know where to start with this one, because although she can be a bit of a pain in the ass for a near to be 5month old kitten, I absolutely love and adore her.I've been living on my own now for nearly 2years and during that time, I started to notice Tobi was missing the other cat Louie at my parents house.Unfortunately when I took Tobi back to see Louie, he turned really territorial and kept launching himself at Tobi which of course left him quite sad since they were always so close.Originally I wanted to get one from where I work which is at Cats Protection, but it wasn't easy finding a cat to home for the criteria.After being messed about a few times by sellers, one of my friends kitties had an accidental litter and I fell in love with her immediately upon meeting her.

Tobi has taken it remarkably well, considering its the first female cat he's ever been in contact with  and they met on the first day when I brought her home.I decided to change her name to Nala, because despite Tobi being 7years 6months at time and her being only 9weeks old, she was not having it from him when he started hissing at her on Day 1.She's a sassy little minx that will literally attempt to steal any kind of food and at times will torment Tobi.
I'm also convinced she was a parrot in her past life...

Last year I posted about joining the gym and I've actually stuck to it!My original goal was to achieve a bigger and toned bum (which has been working out great for me), but I've now progressed onto losing weight.I started at 150lbs (68KG) which hasn't been my heaviest weight in my life but I wasn't happy with it either.Because of the work I do, it can involve a little cardio so my weight alongside building muscle dropped around to 143lbs (64KG).I recently then started going through a phase of hardly eating because I lost my appetite so I was roughly eating between 500-1000calories per day.This made me lose a lot of weight super fast but I would NOT recommend doing it as eating anything less than 1000calories is not good for your body, and I often found myself extremely exhausted because of it.My weight is now 135lbs (61KG), which includes the muscle that I've build mainly on my legs.

Its good to step back sometimes and look at how much you've achieved.I used to struggle on lifting 3kg, whereas now I'm lifting way more.I used to be so paranoid thinking people were judging me on what I was lifting, but everyone is at different stages and have different goals.Going to the gym has helped my mental and physical health dramatically, I highly recommend it.

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