Friday 2 February 2018

Pandora Belle's Enchanted Rose Charm- The Jewel Hut

Its just 12days until Valentines Day and what better way to start February than doing something related to love.Pandora announced there Disney range 4months ago, releasing many of our favourite characters or references in the form of charms and bracelets.A few months ago I got my first charm and bracelet from Pandora, which I've also reviewed on my blog, so I was really excited on adding another charm to my collection.This charm was sent to me from The Jewel Hut in exchange for a review, so everything in this post (along with everything else on my blog) is 100% my own honest opinion.

The charm comes in the usual white Pandora box, which I actually wasn't expecting as lot of fake Pandora Disney boxes have been floating around on the internet, to make it look like you get a special box.I'm not complaining about this, I just wanted to point this out just in case you were expecting one of those fake Disney boxes.

This may come as a shock to some people, but I actually didn't watch Beauty And The Beast until December 2017.As a kid I grew up watching Disney movies, but that film in particular just didn't appeal to me as a child.I ended up watching the animated version as it was on TV over the Christmas period, and I ended up really liking it.This is probably what made me fall in love with rose items again, because its not like I had an addiction to roses in the first place right?I mean come on...
The charm itself is a lot more prettier in person, which is why I've enlarged the images so you can see the amount of detail that has gone into this charm.Depending on the lighting, it can either give off a deep red or a red/orange tone to the rose.
By rotating the charm, you also have the name "Belle" engraved onto it, which I think is super cute.I'm tempted to purchase the same charm myself, as you can screw these charms onto either side of the bands, which will stop any of the other charms from sliding around on the bracelet and the fact I'm completely obsessed with roses.

You probably know by my previous opinion when it comes to the prices of these charms by Pandora, especially when I'm still fairly new to the brand.When I first received this charm, not even knowing on how much it retails for, I would of guessed around £70-£75.It was mainly down to the design of the rose, because its been cut so perfectly and the quality is a lot better compared to the other charms that I have, that cost cheaper.I also thought it would be more expensive due to the fact that its Disney, because they don't play around when it comes to there merchandise and neither do Pandora.

The price of this charm is £55 which I think is a really good price compared to the non exclusive charms by Pandora.I would happily spend £55 just to get the same charm to have on both sides of this bracelet.You can purchase this charm directly from The Jewel Hut, which I highly recommend, along with there customer service and fast delivery.

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