Saturday 20 January 2018

L'Oréal Smooth Sugars: Clear & Glow Scrubs

L'Oréal have just released 3 new face and lip masks, which is part of their new Sugar Scrubs range.I decided to purchase just the two that matched my skins needs and the fact its poor January for me.You can also grab a FREE L'Oréal headband if you purchase any two selected L'Oreal skincare products from Superdrug online.I have a lot of curly hair (plus a huge fivehead) and it actually fits perfectly, so grab one whilst they are still in stock!

I've been suffering with a few skin problems these last few months as mentioned in my previous blog post, with my skin being a little bit more sensitive than usual.I also suffer from blackheads on my nose area, which has always been an issue since my teens.These are the first face masks that I've tried by L'Oréal, so I was super excited.
The scrubs come in very similar packaging to there moisturisers, making it super easy to store and to get the product out.The clear scrub came with a plastic seal, whereas the glow scrub didn't.I didn't think anything of it at the time, as not all of there products come with a seal, depending on the texture of the product. 

Clear Scrub Features:
  • Kiwi Seeds: To smooth skin, unclog pores and visibly reduce blackheads
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Rick in soothing properties, to visibly reduce blemishes
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil: To Purify the skin
  • Smooths and refines the lip line, improving the wear of lipstick and lipgloss
Glow Scrub Features:
  • Grapeseed Oil: Packed with Vitamin E to illuminate and brighten skin
  • Monoi Oil: A natural moisturiser, known to protect skin from dullness and fatigue
  • Acai Powder: To softly polish the skins surface
  • Smooths and refines the lip line, improving the wear of lipstick and lipgloss
I applied the clear scrub to my lips for exfoliation and to my nose area, as thats where I get blackheads, followed by applying the glow scrub to the rest of my face.The clear scrub was easier to apply onto the skin because of the gel like texture, whereas the other one was a bit more difficult.It felt like I was applying sugar onto my skin, with the product getting stuck to my fingers and not to my face.Both of them are scented, with the clear smelling like Kiwi's, but the glow having an unpleasant scent.It could be a preference thing, but I just didn't think it smelt nice at all and its a very strong scent too.
I followed the instructions by adding warm water to the face and gently massaging the skin in circular motions.As expected, the clear scrub began to warm up with some heating sensations around the nose, but I was also surprised that the glow scrub was also doing this (even though not advertised).After a few minutes, my face began to tingle, apart from the nose area so I assumed that it was the glow scrub that was causing this.It started to feel a little uncomfortable, so I ended up removing them both just in case that I was having a bad reaction to them.

Below I have 3images, with the first two being straight after from removing the scrubs and the last one showing what it looked like 30minutes after removing, with some lipstick:
I took all of these photos in natural lighting so that you could see how the scrubs left my skin.The glow scrub definitely left my skin looking darker, as you can see my nose area is just my natural skin tone.My skin was more sore on the cheeks and forehead area, which I have contacted L'Oréal about to investigate.This could be down to a number of things which I've listed below:
  • Bad reaction to the Glow Scrub (please note that because I had a bad reaction, doesn't necessarily mean it will happen to you)
  • The product didn't come with a seal, so it may of been contaminated which might of contributed to the reaction.I will update you more on this once I hear from L'Oréal themselves
The clear scrub however left my nose area feeling more clean, with only little removal of the blackheads being removed, but some were sticking out.I was able to pull some of them out with my blackhead tweezers, which in all honesty felt really good.To give my skin some extra moisture, I applied some of the L'Oréal Hydra Genius, which also seemed to settle my skin down a little bit more
It exfoliated my lips really well and left them really soft.To test this, I applied a liquid matte lipstick onto the lips to see how it dried and set after a few minutes.It went onto my lips so much easier, not seeping into any cracks and didn't leave my lips feeling dry after setting.

L'Oréal Update: I had to get back in contact with L'Oréal via email and twitter, since no one got back to me on the investigation and the so called cheque.One of the responses I got from L'Oréal in regards to my question was: "I was informed by my team that the product does not have a seal", yet I've had people tell me (and evidence in videos) that it does.I was eventually sent a cheque of £10 from them, after I had to reach out to them again by not hearing anything.This is by far one of the worst experiences that I've had with them as a brand and I did take a break from them for a while to decide where I was going to go with this.I've now decided that I will continue using L'Oréal skincare products, but will be much more wary, especially when it comes to there scrubs and seals.

You can purchase these scrubs from Superdrug & Boots

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