Friday, 29 September 2017

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Review & Swatches

I've had this palette since the 19th September (release date 18th), and instead of doing the normal same day blog review, I thought I'd give it a week to test it and to share my thoughts on this palette.This is my first eyeshadow palette by Huda, with me skipping the "Rose Gold" edition, mainly because I had the shades already in another palette.I hope to answer many of your questions on deciding whether or not this palette is worth the £56 price tag, fallout issues, pigmentation, you name it and if I've missed any questions out, please feel free to ask below in the comment section!

To start off, lets talk about the packaging.When it comes to Huda and her marketing team, they always seem to nail the packaging on every single product.One of my personal favourites was the 3D Highlighter packaging and I honestly didn't think they would be able to top that.The palette is presented in a beautiful purple box which reflects in the light and I've actually kept hold of it as I like to keep it in there when I put the palette in my bag.The inside of the palette itself is a lot more beautiful in person, compared to professional images online and even Youtube videos as well.
The shades in this palette are absolutely stunning and I've never seen anything so pretty.I love the protective cover that it comes with as well and I didn't actually know it came with one until I unboxed it (haul video).This palette was created for any look and pretty much everything, but I feel like this is going to be my Autumn/Winter palette, mainly due to the reds, purples and the shimmers.

The palette contains 8 Matte Shades, 6 Pressed Pearls,  3 Duo-Chrome Toppers and 1 Pure Glitter.Below I've swatched each row in natural light, so you can see the pigmentation of each shade.The colours are close enough of what they would look on the eye, but please bare in mind that the skintone is different on the eyelid to the arm, and some colours actually pop more depending on your eye colour.For reference, my eye colour is Hazel.
I'm going to start with the negatives first, because there isn't actually that many to mention.I know a lot of people have mentioned about fallout on this palette, especially since another brand had such a big issue with it, a few people decided to jump on the bangwagon.I've only had one shade that seems to have a bit of a fallout issue and thats Amber.Amber seems to be a lot more on the powdery side compared to the other shades, even when using it with your finger, however its not anything that bad because its only a little bit, nothing major.The second negative and this has happened to a few others, but the majority of the product Cosmo was missing.When I unboxed this palette, it was actually one of the first things that I noticed, but then thought "oh its probably meant to be like that because its pure glitter.I checked inside the box to see if anything had leaked and looked online to see new reviews on this palette.Most were filled up completely, whereas mine had a lot missing already.Obviously I now know it looks like a lot more is missing since I got the swatch on my arm, but there was already a reasonable amount missing before I even dipped my finger in it. 

Now onto the positives of this palette.Every single shade in this palette are extremely pigmented and glide on so easily.The first shade Desert Sand is the lightest and I always struggle for these to even show up on my skin, so when it showed up as I used it for a base, I was so happy.All of the shades are all very easy to blend, including the matte ones as I normally struggle with this.The Pressed Pearls and Duo Chrome Toppers are my favourite, especially the shades Celestial, Twilight and Retrograde.Below I'm wearing the shade Saffron in the outer corners of my eyes and Celestial on my lid, finishing the eye look with an extra black eyeliner.
This palette does work well with brushes, but like the Rose Gold palette, using your fingers packs a lot more colour onto the lid.A setting spray can also intensify the toppers and glitters, if you want to make the lid POP with colour.

I feel the £56 price tag is only worth it for the reasons that I've listed below which were also personal for me as well:
  • Looking for a high quality palette
  • Amazing pigmentation across all shades
  • All or the majority of the shades that you're looking for in all one palette
  • Prefer to apply using your fingers
  • Easy to blend and work with
  • Long lasting
  • Comes with a mirror
I'm actually happy that I spent £56 on this because the shades were completely new to me, despite owning others brands, and none come even close to the colour or pigmentation,

This is available globally and can be purchased from Cult Beauty 

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