Friday, 20 January 2017

Trendeo: New Fashion Marketplace

Its been a while since I've had any new clothes in my wardrobe, as I've been purchasing new furniture for my bedroom, but I was so excited when I got an email from Trendeo to collaborate.I had heard about Trendeo a few months ago, but I wasn't really sure what they were all about.I had a lovely lady called Eve who explained more about Trendeo to me, and I was even more excited to work with them.Trendeo were very kind enough to let me to choose anything from there website, in exchange for a review.Like with all of my reviews on my blog and social media, its 100% honest, with my own opinion and experience.I ended up choosing 3 very different items of clothing, two being very different from what I'd wear.

Firstly, I want to say that I absolutely loved this opportunity to review these products and of course the service I received from Trendeo.The customer service team were so helpful, letting me know when my products should be due, and were overall just lovely.Trendeo are a fashion marketplace, bringing high street and online stores together, making it super easy and quick to shop from a wide variety of unique stores.The delivery was super quick, with my items arriving within 2-4days by different couriers.Some stores offer free delivery on items, and others there maybe a delivery charge, but each store will explain this on there page.I have also provided items in this blog post that I have own already or have found on the Trendeo website, that I personally think would go perfect with the outfit to add some extra help.

The first outfit, which quite a few of you have gone nuts over on my instagram, is this gorgeous embellished dress.This is one of the first items that I sent off to Trendeo, because I fell in love with it straight away.The skirt is attached to the bodysuit, which I thought was pretty good, because most of these designs are sold separately, costing a lot more.

I decided to go a size up to a 12, just to give enough room for the boobs and as you can see, it was a good idea that I did.The bodysuit of the dress, is long enough to cover your modesty on the front and back, which is great if you're tall like me.Its thick as well, so you don't have to worry about being cold on a night out and its not too see through, its still covering everything as you can see in the image below.

Depending on what lighting you stand in, the dress reflects different colours.Its actually gold, as shown in the first image but in the second one its like rose gold.A tag on the dress did say about the glitter coming off, and little bits of the glitter have been falling off, but its nothing too noticeable on the dress.Its currently on sale for £19.99 from £29.99, which is an absolute bargain for the price.This dress matched my rose gold shoes from Pretty Little Thing perfectly, but it can be paired with these shoes perfectly that have an outer lining of gold to match the dress from Trendeo, for £32.50 (£65).

Next I decided to get a playsuit, because I just love wearing them during the winter with thick tights or knee boots.I decided to again go out of my comfort zone, and ended up picking a beige/nude coloured wrap playsuit.Again I decided to get a size 12, just to be on the safe side.The wrap part of the playsuit has enough to stop anything from popping out, however I recommend wearing a bra underneath, as it is slightly see through in natural lighting.The bottom part of the playsuit is thick, so you don't have to worry about it being see through.Below I've provided two bags that I personally think would go perfect with this playsuit.Both would compliment the outfit and are both available to purchase from Trendeo.
                          Hannah Tote Bag                                                  Chelsea Tote Bag

The last item is something that I think everybody loves and is a very simple, yet elegant look to go out in.I'm a huge lover of Little Black Dresses, and in all fairness, I have quite a lot in my wardrobe, so I actually wasn't looking to add another for a long time.What attracted me about this dress, is that it has a mixture of a skater and flare design, which are two of my favourite types of dresses.

You can style this Waffle Dress any way that you want, and I decided to style this dress at first with an umbrella and a dark filter, to make it look that little bit more vintage.I personally struggle trying to pull off a vintage look/style, but I feel this dress is very simple of achieving that look.Its tight around the waist, and being someone that has quite a small waist already, it makes me look even more tiny, with the flares at the bottom bringing it back out again.It gives a really lovely shape to the body and can give the effect of an "illusion" dress, due to the darkened panels on the side of the dress.I'm so excited to wear this dress at an event, because its absolutely stunning and can be paired with either flats or my favourite, heels.The dress is currently on sale for £19 from £38, another bargain!

I just want to thank Trendeo again for this amazing opportunity (and the stores that provided the items too), because I'm so happy with everything and so grateful too.I highly recommend Trendeo if you are looking for a certain style or if you're a shopaholic, this website would be perfect for you! 

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