Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Gro Healthy: Shea & Coconut Review

Last month I was sent these lovely products to try, since my hair has been getting quite dry during this winter weather.My hair tends to dry out more during the winter time, compared to the summer, mainly because I've found my perfect products to combat my summer hair.Gro Healthy was also a completely new brand to me, so I was really excited to know more about them and how there products would work for my hair.There will be separate sections each of the products in the image above, with a breakdown, how I used them on my hair, my overall experience and review on each of them.All of the products are free from Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Phthalates, Colorants and Parabens.

Before I go into the shampoo first, I wanted to talk about the packaging as a whole.The packaging of all of them are really simple to use, making it so easy to distribute the product into your hair or hands.The packaging of the curling custard has to be my favourite, because you just have to unscrew the top and scoop out whatever product you need.

Moisturising Shampoo:

"Experience the rich, luxurious lather of Shea & Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo as it cleanses hair, smoothes the scalp and protects hair colour.Cleansing without stripping away your natural oils, for soft, silky hair"

Out of all the Shampoo's I've used in my life (including my favourite by Tresemme, this is the most moisturising one.Even though the formula lathers up like a shampoo, it leaves your hair feeling so soft and moisturised, just like a conditioner, its crazy.I've tried it on my hair prior to when I used products that caused a lot of buildup and without, and this shampoo does a pretty good job.Normally I've found with shampoo's, is that they are way too harsh on the scalp by stripping away at your natural oils.You can use quite a big amount of this shampoo to remove the buildup, but it doesn't strip your hairs oils at all and leaves your hair feeling so moisturised.The scent is lightly perfumed, not being too strong at all, but is pleasant.This shampoo is way better than my Tresemme one, which if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that it was so hard to replace it.
Moisturising Rich Conditioner:

"It's time to treat your hair and scalp to something to something special and nourishing.Pamper them with essential oils for nourishment and growth"

This conditioner is so creamy and although I don't need a lot for it to work on my hair, I love lathering my hair in it.I apply the conditioner straight after washing out the shampoo and leave it on for 10-15minutes as recommended on the bottle.During that time, you can feel the conditioner doing its magic, like its a cooling sensation across the scalp and my hair is like "yhaaaaaaaaaas" so I knew for sure that me and this conditioner were going to be besties.Washing it out worked like a dream and like I knew it would be, my hair was completely nourished and happy.This conditioner has worked tremendously well during the cold weather to stop my hair from drying out and staying moisturised.It works great for co-washing too, but I prefer to use it along with the shampoo for the full treatment.

Leave In Conditioner:

"Shea & Coconut Leave-In Conditioner seals the cuticle, keeping strands smooth.Your hair will be prepared for every style imaginable, from curls & coils to sophisticated twist outs"  

I've been so excited to talk about this product, because its one of my favourites alongside the curling custard which is up next.I use this mainly on days when my hair needs that extra little bit of moisture and to use before the curling custard to define my curls even more.This leave in conditioner can be used either after using the conditioner or for day 3+ curls.Its been a staple product for me this winter, and it works against frizz fairly well in my humid bedroom, but I'll be testing this fully when it comes round to summer time.

Curling Custard:

"Create long-lasting, shiny spirals and gorgeous curls"

This is my favourite product out of this whole range and I have so many positive things to say about it.I love to use this along with the leave in conditioner for that extra definition, but it also works great on its own as well to define curls.Secondly, you only need a little bit of this to work its magic on your hair.I've recently had my hair straight in the past week, and like always I'm always worried that curls won't ever bounce back.After co-washing my hair with the rich conditioner, I took a 50p size amount and distributed it throughout my hair.I then used my favourite scrunching method to reduce frizz and to define my curls.Its helped to repair my hair I would say as well, not that it was damaged from it recently being straightened, but I can 100% say that it helped with getting my bouncy curls back.Being someone that tends to touch my hair whilst it air dries, it works really well on not frizzing up and like the rest of the range it smells absolutely amazing.

Shea & Coconut Oil:

"Makes dry, unruly hair smooth and manageable, while re-hydrating scalp and nourishing roots"

This was the first time I've tried a shea oil based product, mixed with coconut oil, so I was really excited to see what the results were going to be.I usually use coconut oil as a hair treatment, massaging it into my hair 2-3times a week.This oil is fantastic at moisturising the hair, but I don't like using it as a treatment because I need a lot of it to cover my hair and scalp.I like to use it mainly during my loc method, again on days where my hair needs that extra nourishment, followed by using the curling custard.The two downsides that I've found with this product is that it isn't 100% pure shea or coconut oil and the smell isn't that pleasant.I personally don't mind products that aren't 100% natural, as long as it isn't damaging to my hair, and the scent could be down to preference too.If you're expecting it to smell like shea or coconut, it doesn't at all and smells more like perfume which is not nice.

This range overall is really good, and its hard to find a range where all of the products combined together really work.As mentioned in the review the only issue I had was the smell of the coconut oil, but this is only a small issue and again can be down to preference.I feel this range would work great for all hair types, especially if you suffer from dry hair or hair that tends to tangle up.Gro Healthy have clearly shown that they've worked hard on this range and should be really proud of what they've produced too :)

All of the products mentioned in this blog post can be purchased here

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