Saturday 10 September 2016

Little September Superdrug Haul Featuring: Patisserie/Café de Bain, L'Oréal & Makeup Revolution

Its happened again.I promised myself that I would cut down on the Superdrug hauls and look what I ended up doing.Most of the blame has to go to Superdrug though, because come on, all those sales are literally shouting "Buy Me!"Its like a steam sale, except for beauty products, plus video games are slightly better but that doesn't stop me from buying all this random stuff too.Before I go into the details of pricing and deals etc, I'm in love with the packaging with everything!The Café/Patisserie products are really pretty and adorable, whilst the other products pop with colour.I'm going to keep everything together in this blog post, instead of going from left to right, so it makes it easier for you.

Café de Bain Raspberry & Rose Indulgent Bath Crème

For the last couple of months I've been hooked on the brand ilove... shower crèmes, and although I love the smell of them, they're the most difficult to get hold of in-store/online, so I needed to find something in the meantime.I've been eying this bath crème for a very long time, mainly being attracted to the scent and the packaging, but thought I should wait until I ran out of ilove first before buying.Of course I couldn't wait as I still have 3bottles of ilove, so ended up purchasing it a lot sooner.The packaging of this bath crème is 100% my favourite and it stands out from all of my other bath products.It smells absolutely incredible, really reminds me of raspberry pie (mmm pie) with just a little hint of a rose scent.

Later that evening, I couldn't resist not having another bath, so I poured just a little bit into the bath and oh my god the amount of bubbles that I got!I wasn't expecting so many, firstly because of the small amount that I put in and secondly for £2.99 for that amount of bubbles, I want to stock the hell up on this stuff.Baths are known to be relaxing anyway, but when you are accompanied by a scent that lets you unwind and reduces that stress, this bath crème is 100% perfect for that.Other scents: Raspberry & RoseSweet Vanilla MadeleineCherry & AlmondTarte Au Citron

Pattiserie Hand Creams

This was a purchase that I didn't really need to make, however Superdrug currently have a buy one get one free deal on them.Individually, these cost £4.99 each and when I saw two of my favourite scents, how could I say no?.The boxes they come in are pretty cute, but the little jars that contain the creams are so damn adorable.Pattiserie are right up their with the packaging, which includes pretty much all of their products, but these are my favourite out of the while range.The Cherry Pie cream smells exactly like the title, and left me wanting cherry pie after applying it to my skin, however the Strawberry Cupcake smells nothing like it.The closest thing I can compare it to, is that it smells like Calpol medicine.I personally don't mind it, but its slightly disappointing as it is way of the strawberry cupcake scent that its supposed to be.They both leave your skin incrediably soft and smelling amazing for at least 5hours after applying.I would only purchase these creams when their is a buy one get one free deal, because £4.99 per 30ml is a bit much.Other scents: Strawberry CupcakeSweet As Cherry PieCranberries & CreamLemon Bon BonSugared VioletOrange Crush

Rose Gold Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

I'm still going through that rose gold stage, so when I found out that Superdrug had restocked my favourite lipsticks AND that they come in rose gold packaging, I lost my s**t.I chose my typical standard red shade, as you can't have too many red lipsticks and a darkish nude.I was under the impression that these lipsticks were matte, but in fact they leave a satin finish.I'm not really a fan of satin lipsticks, mainly because they transfer everywhere and I don't like the finish, but my god these two lipsticks get a massive thumbs up.The pigmentation of these lipsticks are extremely good, especially for the price of £3 each.They just glide on the lips so easy, with a really nice creamy texture.The scent is a bit like vanilla, lasting just over an hour which is fine for me.They both lasted at least 5hours on the lips until I needed to retouch them a little, but there wasn't any bleeding or transferring so I'm really happy with these lipsticks.Red Carpet has a slight blue undertone to it and is very similar to L'Oréal's Pure Red in Blakes shade, except it finishes as satin instead of matte.Chauffeur reminded me a little bit of Urban Decay's 1993, except it has a slight pink tone to it, but they are nearly very close.I was unable to list shades separately, but you can purchase from the Rose Gold range here: Click Me!

L'Oréal Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser 

My skin has not always been perfect, and I used to extremely suffer with uneven skin tone and dry patches.Near the end of my teens, the dry patches cleared but I was still suffering with extreme uneven skin tone, to the point it was making me feel even more down about myself.I purchased so many creams, facemasks and even foundation in an attempt to remove it or reduce it but nothing was working.I wrote up a blog post a little while back when I purchased this cream for the first time to let you know how I got on and this is my second tub since then.This moisturiser is designed to improve the skin texture, glow, 1st lines and to reduce uneven skin tone.I can 100% agree with everything (apart from the 1st lines) that this moisturiser does exactly what its supposed to do and has in fact fixed my uneven skin.A little goes a long way (even smaller than a pea)gliding across your face leaving it extremely soft and moisturised.It also smells pretty good too, like that distinctive scent that L'Oréal products have.I began seeing results within the first 7days, which in fact as it states this on the box.I'm on my second tub bow after using it for 9-10months and its still great for keeping my skin happy.It also works as a base for makeup, especially liquid based foundations.The front of the packaging as been changed, with it no longer matching the vibrant pink lid and is replaced with a lighter pink (why did you do this L'Oréal?!), but its still pretty.This moisturiser is mostly on sale for £7.99 which is a great deal because the RRP £14.99 is way too much for me.Don't get me wrong, its a brilliant product, I just don't have money to throw around.L'Oréal skincare range: Click Me!

L'Oréal True Match Foundation 6W/Golden Toffee

Its been a long time since I've purchased a L'Oréal foundation and the last time I used them (which was a very long time ago now) it was really awful.Back then, there was hardly any shades in-store for my skin tone apart from one that was closest, which was called Golden Amber.I remember coming home to try it for the first time, and it left my face in a complete streaky orange mess.That was the last time I used True Match, and from then I used Maybelline throughout my teens.

Watching the most recent advert by L'Oreal, featuring all different skin shades, this gave me hope that I would find a foundation for me and others out there too.Each shade was represented by an ambassador, which in my case was Sarah Jane Crawford.We are pretty (in my opinion) nearly the same skin colour and both love to rock the red lipstick.Before I do a little breakdown on this foundation with swatches, I am so GLAD that they decided to ditch the old packaging that had that weird oval lid because that looked ugly as hell to me.The packaging is so much better, especially being able to grip it properly and the pump is easier to get the foundation out too, not leaking everywhere.

It was a lot easier to find my shade online, seeing darker shades available too, so its great to see L'Oréal are finally adding diversity over here in the UK.I'm not sure if any of the other shades have this (which I'm sure some do), but there is a hint of a little sparkle/glitter in the foundation as you can see in the image above.This doesn't seem to show when your applying the foundation however, so I'm not sure if its meant to give off a luminous effect or is there to look pretty.The formula has 100% improved since I last used it, with it still being fairly liquidy but a lot more easier to blend into the skin.After applying this for the first time, it did look at least two shades lighter than me, but I was ok with this as this foundation is known to match your skin tone.After I finished applying, I thought I would check on my social media accounts while I gave it time to match my skin.10minutes after applying, I checked my face to find that this foundation had darkened waaaaaay too much.I wasn't orange, but it looked like I had a tan and with winter coming (WINTER IS COMING!) its going to look ridiculous on me.I don't know if this foundation completely mis-matched on me or if it oxidised a bit too much for me.I've provided a swatch of it below alongside my other foundations, with the NARS being the shade that matches me perfectly, yet the true match starts off light then darkens too much.
I'm thinking of trying out another shade like the 6N to see how that works, but with me purchasing Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in two shades recently, it won't be up for at least a week or two.This foundation is currently on sale for £7.99 (RRP £9.99) and is included in the 3 for 2 offer.The True Match range: Click Me!

Let me know if you'd tried any of these products, especially if you've had any similar incidents with the foundation xx

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