Friday, 2 September 2016

Blink Browbar: Review & Step By Step

I've been obsessed with my eyebrows lately, looking at Youtube videos to find my perfect shape for my face.My eyebrows are extremely dark naturally, let alone curly too, so its hard to find a shade that matches without it being too harsh and being trimmed constantly.I would swear by the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade for years and daren't spend more money to try another brand.Blink Brow Bar were very kind enough to not only send me a brow definer, but also there highlighter and gel too.
My eyebrows are very black and I went for the darkest shade called Cardamom Pod.The one line swatch on the back of my hand looks like a mid brown to black, but it can be built up to make it darker.The super slim nib makes it extremely easy to achieve the shape that you want, and makes it less likely that you'll make a mistake (which I would do a lot).My eyebrows are very thick too, so I would only need to apply at the beginning and the ends of the brows to achieve the shape that I was looking for.Below I've provided a step by step on my own current routine to achieve my eyebrow shape.

Step 1:
I start off by taking the brow definer and mark where I want the beginning of the eyebrow to start and to finish.You can also mark out where you'd like the arch, but if you already have one naturally you don't have to mark this.

Step 2:
Begin drawing the outline of the shape you want by where you've marked your eyebrows.Its a bit like connecting the dots, and with the super slim nib, it makes it a lot easier to do.Its ok if you make a few mistakes as its bound to happen and you'll learn to get better (take it from someone who used to have witch eyebrows!).

Step 3:
Starting from the beginning of the brow with definer, do light soft strokes upwards until you build enough of it that its close enough to your eyebrow colour.I tend to not go the exact same colour as my brows as they're pretty dark already and don't want to give that "sharpie" look.
Step 4:
This is what the finished shape looks like after I've outlined it.I remove any stray hairs outside of it with tweezers or trim them with scissors if the hair is too long.Their are only a few hairs that need to be removed that are above and underneath near the end of my eyebrow.

Step 5:
Next I take the highlighter pen, starting from the beginning of the brow underneath to the end.I apply some above at the top end of the eyebrow, as I find highlighting the whole thing is a bit too much for me personally. 

Step 6:
Taking the blending sponge that is attached on the other end of the highlighter, I carefully press and blend the highlighter in.You can use your own brush to blend too as this highlighter is very easy to work with, just use what you feel comfortable with.

Step 7:
To finish off I apply the clear brow gel with the spoolie brush to seal it in
I can honestly say these are the best combination of eyebrow products that I've ever owned.The highlighter is so creamy, it makes it very easy to blend in.It gives off a golden shimmery affect which at first glance I wasn't to sure on, but it really is a lovely highlighter.Its also retractable, waterproof and comes with a built in sharpener, which is very handy.The brow definer is also water and smudge proof, which I can 100% confirm it is, as I went out to a party in this crazy heat and must of rubbed my eyebrows so many times.They stayed 100% intact and I even got compliments on how tidy they looked too.Another positive is that these products are infused with vitamins like C,E and B5.This is great to see that they've done this.Alongside that there products are animal/cruelty free!I've fully converted on buying from this brand now and highly recommend them if you're looking to add definition to your eyebrows.Below are the products that were used in this post.

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