Monday 15 August 2016

Online vs Reality

How it all started: 
Everyone had there own little version of what they wanted to be when they grew up, like becoming an astronaut, rocket scientist or even action man himself.I had a mixture of things, but they all led towards the same goal that I wanted to achieve.The first one was to be a train driver, because every morning on the way to school at the bridge, the train driver would wave out the window and blow the horn, which made my morning everyday.I wanted to do this, to make other children and parents happy on there way to school, with it now being a slight obsession with the Electrostar 377 train that has always been a favourite of mine.Next I wanted to become a paramedic, because again I wanted to help people, whether that meant risking my own life to save theres, I wanted to help in anyway that I could.Lastly (and you're going to laugh at this one), I wanted to be just like Lara Croft.Not talking about her pyramid boobs here or the fact she goes around shooting people.I loved that she was she able to go adventuring around this beautiful planet, whilst being able to stand up for herself and her beliefs.She is an extremely strong willed character and its great to see that this has carried on in the new generation games as well.Despite her being a game character, she would be a pretty good realistic role model if she existed, so I wanted to try to get into modelling too because of this. I wanted to change the way how us mixed and black women are treated in society, especially in the fashion and modelling industry.Ask yourself this, how many adverts do you see that display women with straight hair?How many women with natural curly hair/afro (including beauty pageants) have had there hair either chemically done or straightened?Why is it portrayed by the media and the industry that curly/afro hair is not acceptable?The list could go on and on, and being someone thats experienced this, I know what its like to feel like you're not good enough because of your hair texture.Its silly right?

This is what made me want to start a blog, by finding products to help other people be COMFORTABLE with themselves, and to not let these ignorant people spread such hatred and negativity towards one another.I started with nothing, gradually building my blog by saving up money during college to review products.The first time I got 100 followers, I was seriously over the moon.Currently being at 19.3K on instagram, I still pinch myself everyday, still not believing it.Its lovely when I get emails from readers/followers that I've helped them or changed there perspective on something, leaving them more happy and positive in the long run.

Body image:
Body image seems to be a very important subject when it comes to social media and its something not taken seriously by the industry.What makes me mad though, is that so many people photoshop there bodies to match up to societies standards, but pretend its there own body?
First off ask yourself these questions:
  • Who set up these standards?
  • Who's to say that your body shape isn't right?
  • If your body weight isn't affecting your health, then whats the problem?
  • Would you lose weight/get surgery for yourself or to feel accepted by society?
We could say that magazines pretty much set up these standards, which starts off within the fashion industry thats shared by the media.The real truth is, WE set up these standards for ourselves.I'm not trying to make you feel bad here because I can put my hands up and openly admit that I still have body insecurities, questioning whether to diet or not sometimes.We are all so fixated on having that "perfect figure", but is it a figure based on wanting to be healthy?or is it because you feel like your not accepted in other peoples eyes.People are always going to find something to complain about, and you will have your bad days (I still have them).I'm just like everybody else and go through my bad days too.

Having a bad day:
A bad day for me mainly consists when my stress levels are high, which can trigger off my anxiety.I'm always open about this in my instagram posts, especially when I'm not active on social media.At the time I mentally feel like I can't cope with it.This includes me shutting off the outside world, which includes me not being sociable at all, even with my friends until its passed.For the rest of the day I'm more likely to be cuddled up under the duvet with my giant teddy bear and playing video games.Speaking on the subject of video games, the only difference between the way I am gaming online and in person, is that I don't swear as much.When I'm playing games, not only is it a hobby that I enjoy, but I also use it as a stress relief.I vent everything verbally and would occasionally get the "LANGUAGE" comment from my mum, but in person I don't do this unless something really (and I mean really) pisses me the hell off.I know its not lady like, but this is online gaming, can't help but rage a little (cough dark souls cough).

Be yourself:
The reason I wanted to write his post was to shed some light that there are bloggers/vloggers/social media influencers out there that are real.Its very hard to tell these days, because there is access to so many editing softwares that you can't tell if its genuine or fake.People that completely photoshop there bodies are not only lying to themselves, but also to there followers.Its really not healthy at all, because you're technically living a fake life or belief that this is the "real" you.I'll never understand how people can be happy with that.It took me a while to even post a casual shirt and jeans photo of myself, because I used to be so unhappy and insecure with the way I looked.If you're ever thinking about starting up your own blog, the best advice I can offer is that you 100% be yourself and post what your 're comfortable with posting.Your own unique personality will shine through what you write, and will make you stand out.Don't be sucked into the world of social media where you feel the need to change to be accepted.Having honest and real people in 2016 is very rare and its very refreshing when you come across people like this :)

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