Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer Items: June

I'm always looking for bargains and will hold out for things to drop in price, because I don't have a lot of money and of course bills pretty much take everything.I've been going a bit nuts over rose gold/pink gold items recently, and while browsing Aliexpress, I came across these gorgeous mirror sunglasses.Looking at the £3.82 price, I thought "thats a pretty good deal" and paid an extra £1.66 for 5-10days tracked delivery.They arrived this morning (8working days), and as shown in the image I took above, the quality is incredible.I really wasn't expecting the quality to be that good, especially at that price and they don't feel cheap either.I'm seeing a lot of UK sellers on eBay or Boutique shops (mainly on instagram), trying to sell them for at least £15-£20, and also stating that its there brand.I've provided the link directly to the seller I purchased these from below and they also have other colours available too.
Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses
If you remember back in May, I posted some pictures of Hindsight Vintage, which specialise in sunglasses with a unique design and provide real vintage glasses(that are up to 40years old!).Amazing right?Since then I've been lucky to of been sent another pair to review which are called Gonzalez.These have easily become my favourite pair, as I can literally style them with everything and even wear them on a rainy day as well, which is quite common in the UK.I've been getting a lot of questions about this design and its very popular too as they're currently sold out at ASOS at the moment.Make sure you check out the rest of the range which is currently on sale for £8 at ASOS.You can also purchase them directly from Topman as an alternative.
ASOS always smash it when it comes to there sales, and with there recent " up to 50% off", how could I not have a little look?I've been eyeing this brunch top made by Boohoo for ages, but there was no way I was going to pay £12 for it, because it doesn't look worth that price at all.It was knocked down to £7 and I thought "yes!" but then i realised it was part of there petite range.Now we all know I'm a bit on the curvier side, especially around the bust area, and being someone that can get away with fitting in a size 8-10, I was worried the 12 was going to be too big.Luckily ASOS have one of the best returns policy, so if it didn't fit how I wanted it to, I could just return it with no issues.It worked out that the size 12 did fit my body perfectly, not being too tight around the bust area and not too baggy around the back.The raw/frill edges at the bottom is how the top is meant to be, and will differ from each one of course, but I'm still very happy with my item.It matches well with skinny black jeans or in just undies as its my chill out top.Can be purchased here
Whilst having a browse through the ASOS sale, I came across this stone bag, which in all honesty I'm not a huge fan of bags at all.It was mainly the simple design, price and size that attracted me to it, because I have been in need for a bag that would be able to carry my Macbook with me and this is the perfect size.Its on sale for £16.50 (RRP £22) and is also availible in black for £14.
Mink Bag     Black Bag

And your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is a harry potter wand that I decided to order, because I had a bit of a crazy potter moment.I ended up having a harry potter marathon and at the end of it, I wanted to get a wand so after looking at all of the designs online, I settled with Narcissa Malfoy's wand.The style is 100% me and it came in a lovely harry potter cushioned box.
This is the last lot I ordered, I swear!I'm going to start with the Pretty Little Thing jumper first because its mainly based on there customer service.It was my first time ordering from them, and took advantage of there free next day delivery.It arrived on time, but unfortunately it had a massive hole in it.Contacted them via twitter, they were unable to replace due to the system being down, but were very apologetic and would 100% refund on return.I mentioned that I still want to order an alternative but the free next day delivery was now over, but they were kind enough to create a code for me to use to do this.My new jumper arrived today as I couldn't wait, and its perfect and so snug, considering it was on sale for £10!

Next is the Happy Plugs earbuds, that I 100% needed to buy because 1. My htc ones died and 2.Rose Gold?Yes please.My order from Sweden arrived within 4working days and really are incredible when it comes to sound quality and design.Full review post will be shown here soon.

Lastly, I ordered some new shoes from the Debenham's sale because I literally only owned 1pair of flats and at the same time it was kind of an accidental purchase.So originally I was set up just to purchase some plain flats, but I'm a sucker for bow designed items so when I saw these shoes I was like "Gimmie!".These shoes are on sale for £10 reduced from £25, and they are literally selling like hot cakes.The little studs are stitched right into the bow so there is no worry of them dropping off.Grab them while they're still in stock here

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