Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Superpeach: Cute Socks

Following the positive review and experience I had with Superpeach a few months ago, I'm back with a brand new post featuring there brand new socks.I'm a complete sucker when it comes to purchasing cute items, and I somehow refrained from purchasing the entire stock.After spending roughly a few hours deciding on what I wanted, with the majority of them selling out as they're that popular, I settled for 4pairs.Once I got the dispatch email (which was very quick by the way), the excitement fully kicked in.

Before I even go into sharing my thoughts on these socks, lets just take a moment to appreciate the lovely packaging Superpeach have.My last order which contained my lingerie items,(click here to view) came in a lovely pink gift box with a Superpeach bow tied up around it.This was added with lovely white petals with my knickers wrapped up in pink paper inside.As I didn't order a gift box this time, the packaging is still beautiful with an added white bow just above the logo on the packaging, and the white petals inside with the socks.The socks are further protected by a plastic bag from any damage and to also keeping them all in one place.
Taking them out of the packaging one at a time and going over each one (video here), I couldn't believe how beautiful each sock is and the amount of detail that has gone into each one.I don't have a main favourite, because I love them all individually, however Julie and Jane, definitely win when it comes to having the best detail.I'd spend roughly £8 on a pair of socks when it comes to design and quality, and within a month its already falling apart.Julie and Jane only cost £5 each, with the frilly lace around the top being very detailed and pretty too. They fit my feet perfectly, not being to tight or loose, with my feet ranging between sizes 6.5-8.
These socks are also incredibly comfortable to wear too, with me sitting here perfectly happy in my comfort zone wearing Jane, whilst eating my favourite food: PIZZA!How can I not be perfectly happy?Also (unless you've figured it out already), I purchased matching pairs which I didn't even notice until it was pointed out to me.Yes I can be incredibly slow sometimes, cannot be helped :')
These socks are called Chloe, and I was immediately attracted to these as they reminded me of Disney's Minnie Mouse.The bows on these are incredibly cute and I'm loving the little polka dot designs on them too.This design does come up shorter, as you can see in the images it just stops above my ankle.I've worn these mainly when I'm outside in the garden relaxing, and don't make my feet get all hot.Again these fit me perfectly and are very comfortable to wear too.
Of course onto the pricing of these socks.The pricing of all of these socks shown on this post and currently online at Superpeach are £5-£6.This is a great deal in my opinion because not only is the price cheap, you are 100% getting great quality items, with a lot of care and detail that has gone into each and every single one of them.There other designs are all awesome too, making me want to purchase the rest but every time I go to, someone else always beats me to it,  causing them to go out of stock :O Make sure you check out the rest of there socks and also there new "collar" range too.Overall, I'm very happy with my items and cannot wait for my next purchase with them.If there is anything you want me to review, please let me know :)

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